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  1. jpa0827

    HOT TOPIC Has anyone here successfully "funded" their ideal lifestyle?

    I was hoping @zen******* would comment on this thread. Don't leave us Z. We still have a lot of sock pictures we want you to post. Oh yeah.... your advice isn't too bad either ;)
  2. jpa0827

    REAL ESTATE Apartment Investing

    Hi SteveO, I'm really enjoying your thread. Great insights! You said you do not hire management anymore. Do you actively handle all management yourself or did you mean that you now hire someone in house that works for your management company?
  3. jpa0827

    O/T: FUNNY No F*cks Given

    I love this thread!!
  4. jpa0827

    MARKETPLACE The Millionaire Fastlane T-SHIRT (to spread the word)

    Maybe that should be the C&B group t-shirt so we can see who the fastlaners are while walking around the hotel. ;)
  5. jpa0827

    MARKETPLACE The Millionaire Fastlane T-SHIRT (to spread the word)

    I want to make a shirt that says "zen*******, Who Are You?" Everytime I see that thread pop up I laugh.
  6. jpa0827

    OFF-TOPIC Get a 1 on 1 Call with Jack Edwards and help a Kid Who Is Dying.

    Don't even think about this... Just do it! If you are already on this forum there is a good chance you want to build a business. When else will you get a chance to make a huge difference in someone's life and learn from a guy with a ton of business experience who is truly interested in helping...
  7. jpa0827

    OFF-TOPIC Get a 1 on 1 Call with Jack Edwards and help a Kid Who Is Dying.

    Figure out where you want to go from the beginning so that you can build a business that fits those goals. Think Big Take an hour everyday to think about every aspect of your business. Think about what you want or need, because you will never have everything; therefore, there is always knew ways...
  8. jpa0827

    EXECUTION Back To Basics - Business in Old Industries

    I think it was pretty clear. The only part that threw me off was when you said retail, because i typically think of tradesmen buying at wholesale supply shops, but your explanation laid it out very clearly. It was just a mixup of terminology. Good luck! Sounds like you are off to a great start.
  9. jpa0827

    EXECUTION Back To Basics - Business in Old Industries

    I may be miss understanding, you said you are planning to bypass retail which is confusing to me. Am I correct in saying that you are planning to cut out the local wholesale supply houses? For example, instead of a plumber going to ABC plumbing supplies (where contractors have accounts) in their...
  10. jpa0827

    100 ideas, no BUSINESS (Why I AM Still stuck in the slow-lane)

    Did you ever think that the barrier to entry is not an event? It is a PROCESS. I think that has been mentioned once or twice around here...I think.. ;) You have to find a way to beat the barrier of price undercutting or whatever the competition is doing to make it hard. That is the Barrier. The...
  11. jpa0827

    EXECUTION Back To Basics - Business in Old Industries

    Ahh thanks for the clarification. I thought you were saying this new business was risky. I understand now. Good luck to you both!
  12. jpa0827

    EXECUTION Back To Basics - Business in Old Industries

    Why such a high risk? Are you doing anything specific to mitgate some of the risk? I ask, because I am in the process of contacting various supply houses to get an idea of some products they buy and sell regularly. Ultimately to start a business similar to what Jack has been very open about...
  13. jpa0827

    Which Job Would You Choose?

    More and more I am agreeing with this burn the boats mentality. Sometimes you just have to make a choice and focus.
  14. jpa0827

    NOTABLE! Admitting there's a problem is the first step.

    This.... You've only been on the forum for a little over a month. That is a lot of posting and I am sure more than half of those are a waste of time and energy that could be redirected at finding the right business or whatever it is you want to do. I was excited when I hit my 100th post...That...
  15. jpa0827

    INTRO You're from where??

    Cleveland, Ohio
  16. jpa0827

    HOT TOPIC How many women are on the fastlane forum

    That's the truth! I've always noticed guys tend to complain a lot more than women.
  17. jpa0827

    HOT TOPIC Tim Sykes $5,000,000 Miami Mansion

    Andrew Warner did a mixergy interview with Tim. He does come across as a douche, but as stated it is all about marketing. The interview was interesting, because Andrew calls Tim out on a lot of his marketing tactics and they talk a bit about it all if anyone is interested.
  18. jpa0827

    NOTABLE! $3,000 to $1,000,000 in 15 months: HOW TO DO IT

    I just found this thread and saw your post and it made me smile. Knowing where you are now it's kind of cool to see how far things have come in a short period of time. Gives me hope, that's for sure! I'm currently in the phase you were back then. Only thing I know so far is that i want to go the...
  19. jpa0827

    HOT TOPIC the jack call

    $Rep Transfered...That was a very well thought out and helpful post.
  20. jpa0827

    OFF-TOPIC Shark Tank - What Do YOu Think Will Happen????

    Congrats Sal! Absolutely awesome!!!

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