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    STORY WRITERS: Do You Manipulate Your Mood To Write?

    Yesterday I was writing a passage where I wanted to convey a lot of fear, anxiety and adrenaline. I couldn't write anything convincing when I was in my default state, but after I drank some coffee, put on some ominous music and dimmed the lights - it started coming out. Do you do anything to...
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    After ~3 Weeks of Any Undertaking - I Start F***ing Up.

    I've started noticing a pattern in pretty much any effort I undertake. Whether it be gym, business, jobs, university... I ALWAYS have about 21-25 days of solid steam when it comes to achieving whatever goals I set for myself. After that specific time period, almost without fail, I start to...
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    How I Went From Working 2 Hours A Day To Working 8 Hours A Day In 30 Minutes.

    I'm sorry if you expected a Tl;Dr insightful post, this isn't it. This is a quick fix/magic pill method for those who: 1) Are addicted to their computer/Xbox/Whatever 2) Have access to a working environment like a library, coffee shop or an educational establishment/study area. 3) Have read...
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    Has your business used consultants? Or do you run a consultancy?

    I have an idea that I'd like to analyse the demand for a little bit. Does anyone here run a consultancy that helps small to medium enterprises with absolutely anything? If so, please post something in the thread so that I can PM you with a question. I will not ask the specifics of your business...
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    QUESTION: What is the process for finding a MARKET (not a 'PRODUCT THAT WILL SELL')

    Everything in life has fallen in place and I've gathered up the courage to try e-commerce again, I want to do it the zen******* way this time though. Somewhere, a long time ago, Zen has said: 1) Find a market (not 'a product that sells') 2) Find out what thing(s) they want 3) Find out how...
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    'Eww, bean spwouts are gross!' and what you can learn from the way babies eat.

    If you're fortunate enough to still be able to talk to your parents, without a doubt they'll be able to tell you a story about what a picky eater you were in your infancy and a few years beyond. In my old country, it's popular to feed toddlers different kinds of liquefied porridge regularly...
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    Have you ever sold clothes on Ebay?

    A pretty high-end young men's (18-35 yo) clothes shop is closing down in my town, and they're offering all items for £10 or less. I've got £200 in my bank account, and in theory I should be able to double it. Thoughts? Yes? No? Why? How long does it usually take? Please look at this through...
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    If you're not with me, you're against me (BULLSHIT)

    I was walking through town with my friend this evening, we ended up walking & talking till around midnight. I was talking to him about mindset changes, discovery of entrepreneur stuff, learning, dreaming etc. I told him about how my parents and family react to these things. How they're ruining...
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    StartUpBros Importing Seminar notes

    So StartUpBros are doing an importing seminar. They're leaving it recorded until Tuesday. - This is the link. Sign up to their mailing list if you're watching it, it's only fair. 00:00 - 39:52 - Intro. Will's story. Mindset/Myths. Why...
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    On naysayers.

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    SALES QUESTION - Your PERSONAL methods of overcoming objections/barriers.

    This applies to Sales of phone contracts (24 months) and phone insurance. Target audience is around 25-39 year old males and females. The monthly cost of the phone contracts never exceeds £50 (So around $75-80) and the monthly insurance premium never exceeds £15 ($20-23). If you've worked a...
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    Quitting a job.

    I have a sales job at a phone store. I do not like it because I do not believe in the product enough to sell it convincingly, and I do not like it because of the stress that customer problems cause - because being a tiny cog in a big machine - I cannot solve most of their problems, but must face...
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    From square one.

    As recommended by another member, I am going to start a progress thread and make daily additions. I do not have a plan yet, I do not know where this will all lead, but those are usually just excuses for stagnation. ------------------------------------------ 29/10/13, 17:43 - Re-read relevant...
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    Hello, I'm Formless.

    Hello everyone. I am 19 years old, male and living in the UK. I have finished 6th Form about 3 months ago ('High School' if you're an American.) At first, I wanted to be an EDM/Hip Hop producer/DJ when I was 14-17. I was certain of everything, 'knew everything', and skillwise, was actually...

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