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    GOLD! How to Use Book Marketing to Grow Your Business (a Less Common But Powerful Strategy)

    Awesome awesome @MTF, very likely back with questions at a later point!
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    Amazon Associates announces cuts in payouts

    Ah crazy. Thanks for pointers!
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    EXECUTION Creating online courses

    Folks, does anyone have experience with outsourcing voice recording for courses and related postproduction? Working on • Premium training program for HR developers and teams that is delivered partly online and partly onsite, working with clients/teams. > Online courses will be a key element of...
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    Maybe a stupid question, where to sell my art?

    @Lizzy, thanks for asking about this, can relate and interested in similar things. I once bought an original lithography by a famous (dead) artist. When I opened the package, I remember how disappointed I was initially as it literally was just this piece of paper, old, with partly torn edges...
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    INTRO Intro

    Hi all, I was somewhat hesitant to write an introduction, and then figured this is probably a good reason to write one. Pardon as I might meander around a bit. Hope it is interesting to some of you. Will go a bit into my path leading to reading MJs books and joining the forum, and a bit about...

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