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    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fantasy Football, Season 4! (2011-12)

    Just registered, let me know who to pay!!! We only have 6???? What happened? I changed my name to Army of Waz since the Air Force thing never happened bu I did get back into the Army National Guard.
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    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fantasy Football, Season 4! (2011-12)

    I'll play again, sorry for the short reply. Air Force or Bust will return. LOL, I didn't join the airforce!!!
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    EXECUTION The Millionaire Fastlane ... Book Progress

    Ordered mine, looking forward to it.
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    What type of coroporation for an Idependent Contractor?

    I need some help on a personal development. I just passed my boards and I'm currently a certified physician assistant. The plan is to join the Air Force for a few years build some wealth and make some investments. My first problem is that it will take some time to get the Air Force...
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    OFF-TOPIC Fantasy Football Year 3

    My team name is Air Force or Bust
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    OFF-TOPIC Fantasy Football Year 3

    I'm paid and Adrian Peterson didn't do too much for me!!! Not a good start, but plenty of games left on the weekend.
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    OFF-TOPIC Fantasy Football Year 3

    Sorry for getting back so late. Just graduate from school and studying for the Boards. Once I get done with that on Sept 13th life will be good.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Article directories -- Ezinearticles or Buzzle?

    Most of the people on the warrior forum are big fans of the "The Best Spinner". I haven't used it, but passing on the info.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Social Blog Network

    I'll agree with above and add that its extremely easy to setup Wordpress and install some add-ons to get you going. Add in a free theme and your looking way better than the other options. The other sites might be good for back-linking to your main site!!!
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    OFF-TOPIC Fantasy Football Year 3

    I would love to play also. $50 works fine for me.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Powerful Team Work

    Why with all the PMing? Why don't we chat in here so everybody can learn from it? What are you ideas? What do you need help with? Website design? Have you looked at some of the free wordpress themes?
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    WEB/DIGITAL AM question , can't find anwer anywhere.

    Take a look at the Reviewazon software that is offered. If you plan to use Amazon it can be very helpful to set up your blogs and make them look very professional. Amazon does offer a ton of applications that you can use through them. You can either use their widgets or setup your own and...
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    OFF-TOPIC Hacker Tools and Protecting Operating Systems

    I like Avast anti-virus and keep Mozilla up to date. You can also run ad-aware on regular basis to clean up any malware. Best of luck.
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    How can I make $900-1000 a month?

    If your looking at a specific neighborhood to attract, then I highly recommend putting a coupon in the Valpak's that are sent out. Offer a great deal and make your money on the return business. First cleaning free, would attract a lot of people thinking about starting to get their pool cleaned.
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    OFF-TOPIC Go Suns!! Steve Nash comedy

    I always thought Steve was the biggest Geek from his APS commercials and interviews. He's actually kind of funny. The Dan Patrick show was comparing his voice to Napoleon Dynamite. It was pretty close. Thanks for the laugh. Got a test tomorrow and needed it!!!
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    Where to draw the line?

    I was watching the movie Rudy last night and there was a part that might fit here. Rudy made the comment to the Notre Dame coach that he wasn't meant to be a starting football player for the team. That wasn't what god made him for. That didn't mean he couldn't be on the team and still make a...
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    WEB/DIGITAL My daughter and I are starting a website.

    Have you checked out SaleHoo - Dropship, Liquidation & Wholesale Directory | SaleHoo I know they have a yearly cost, but might be worth it. I haven't used it, but some warriors love it.
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    WEB/DIGITAL My daughter and I are starting a website.

    You could always write an educational guide about dropshipping once you get it done. Call it Dropshipping: so easy a child can do it!!! Keep us up to date on how this goes. I'm very interested on the whole dropshipping process. What program are you using for the web-page?
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    New Here!

    Welcome Gerto, What type of websites do you mainly work with? Any experience with Wordpress designs?
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    Market Research

    Before you buy one, you really should figure out how one works. For this you need some education. I highly recommend checking out the 30 day challenge or even go over to The folks over there live and breath internet businesses. Best of luck.

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