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  1. HenkHolland

    OFF-TOPIC Dealing with lonliness

    Ninjakid, you sound like you are on the edge of a mild form of depression. Become physically active, e.g. running, cycling, weight lifting or a team sport. The latter will bring along new contacts/friends at the same time. So, you'll hit two birds with one stone. It has been proven...
  2. HenkHolland

    HOT TOPIC Business Is Now Making 7 Figures - Taxes are killing me - Advice?

    I would be happy to pay 40% income tax. The majority of my income is in the 52% tax bracket. We used to have a tax bracket of 72% here in the past (in the seventies and eighties. So, your 40% sounds like a steal to me.:)
  3. HenkHolland

    OFF-TOPIC World Cup 2014 - Who are you picking?

    After the magnificent second half against Spain last Friday, today, the Dutch team played a mediocre match against Australia and we are lucky to have won this match.
  4. HenkHolland

    OFF-TOPIC World Cup 2014 - Who are you picking?

    Amschel, I agree with you that many of the Dutch players look like criminals with their tattooed arms, hands, fingers, legs, necks, etc. However, I still hope that they will surprise the world on the soccer field. As to Louis van Gaal: he is an *** but he definitely is one of the best soccer...
  5. HenkHolland

    OFF-TOPIC World Cup 2014 - Who are you picking?

    It is not because I am Dutch, but I think the Netherlands has a good chance to win the worldcup. We were a finalist in 2010 and we just crushed (5-1) the reigning world champion Spain on Friday. What more do we need to do to show that we are one of the top candidates?
  6. HenkHolland

    OFF-TOPIC Do you have to have the real thing?

    What surprises me is the fact that on this forum for and by entrepreneurs, nobody (except me) addresses the fact that copying product designs is illegal and unethical.
  7. HenkHolland

    OFF-TOPIC Do you have to have the real thing?

    As an entrepreneur I have great respect for designs and brand names that are the property of a company or an individual. Therefore, I have strong objections against selling and buying of illegal copies of popular products. Sometimes the fancy term replica is used for such illegal copies. No...
  8. HenkHolland

    Strange little rant I found...

    When I read lines like the first one you quoted: "And then you evolve more and realise earning money, being rich, famous or whatever is utterly empty and pointless." I always wonder why we even bother to pay attention to things like this. Assuming that the writer of the line quoted above has a...
  9. HenkHolland

    Does anybody else get depressed after seeing entrepreneurial successes?

    Jealousy is one of the worst and in my opinion most destructive emotions. Put all your efforts into getting rid of it. As to your apparent inability to become successful, why don't you team up with someone with skills and talents that are complementary to yours? I have done that in several...
  10. HenkHolland

    EXECUTION Found a NEED. Now I am going to solve it.

    @joschi Yes, that is my opinion. I have not done research in that direction. It is also my opinion that once somebody has formed his mastermind group (or two), he or she will not return to NickR8's web platform. So, I don't see real potential for recurring income for example by a subscription...
  11. HenkHolland

    EXECUTION Found a NEED. Now I am going to solve it.

    Nick, I don't want to discourage you, but why would you want to start a web-platform for mastermind groups while we have The Fastlane Forum? In my opinion, here on this forum, everybody will be able to find all the people they need to set up a mastermind group. Moreover, most people on this...
  12. HenkHolland

    INTRO Anyone from The Netherlands?

    Hi Moodswing, welkom op dit forum. I'm from the Netherlands as you may have guessed already. I must say that I am not a very active member, but I've been a member since 2007 and I picked up quite a bit of very useful information here. So, you made the right decision to join the Fastlane forum.
  13. HenkHolland

    INTRO Hello from Amsterdam, Holland

    Hello Zephyr. Welkom Henk
  14. HenkHolland

    HOT TOPIC In the Middle of the Desert, How Can I create a fastlane?

    Ryan, you deserve a compliment for your creativity in formulating your question to other forum members to come up with business ideas for you. Use that same creativity to find a need and think of ways to fill that need without having money.
  15. HenkHolland

    WEB/DIGITAL Developed site, but what now?

    Locksmack, good thing that you took action and developed a website. Unfortunately, you made the same mistake that most of us made in starting their first venture. Apparently, you did not scrutinize the concept and think it through before investing your time (and money) in developing the...
  16. HenkHolland

    Ideas for the perfect business name

    eventbrokers eventalley eventexchange eventxchange
  17. HenkHolland

    My Current Girlfriend

    If you have any, and I repeat any doubts, with respect to whether your current girlfriend is the person you want to grow old with, don't marry her. Break up the relationship a.s.a.p. and, if you would like to grow old together with somebody, go and look for that special somebody. Stop wasting...
  18. HenkHolland

    How to break free from my family's slowlane mentality?

    As long as you are living under your parents' roof and they feed you, I don't think you can complain if they comment on the way you live. If you want to be freed of their involvement, then be a big boy and move out of their house now and support yourself. Otherwise, keep quiet and work towards...
  19. HenkHolland

    PUBLISHING Help me out with the title

    I'm sorry, to be honest, neither of the two. To provide constructive advice it would be necessary to know something more about the contents than just the notion that the book deals with how to deal with email.
  20. HenkHolland

    FAILURE Ignoring this Brian Tracy rule cost me over $400,000

    AntiGuru, this is a post that will prove to be very valuable for many entrepreneurs on this forum, provided they accept Brian Tracy's maxim right from the start. I fully agree with Brian Tracy, based on my own 'experience' (defined in accordance with the adage mentioned in AntiGuru's post). It...

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