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  1. elusive97

    UK business registration, when is the accounting date?

    What do I put for the business accounting date? I can't find a good answer online! The business wasn't active during the 2018/19 tax year so would I put the date of the start of the 2020/21 tax date (6/4/2020) or the end of the 2020/21 tax date (5/4/2021)? I'm so confused! Thanks.
  2. elusive97

    Feeling depressed.

    General post about feeling depressed.
  3. elusive97

    Can I have a fast loading Shopify ecommerce site?

    I love Shopify for it's ease of use and the apps, but I'm struggling to find a theme that loads quick. I need one that loads in under 3 seconds ideally, but under 4 will do too. Most of my audience are on mobile so it's especially important the site loads quick. The problem is, every single...
  4. elusive97

    REAL ESTATE Any UK property people here? Need advice on selling house

    Hi everyone. I'm selling my house at the moment. I've had valuations of £140k-155k. I didn't buy to sell but selling at 140k I'm at a £7k profit, for reference. In a valuation I discovered as the builder had taken out the door and window (without explaining the consequences) there is no...
  5. elusive97

    Finding something, anything, to sell or do (help me pick an idea!)

    I'm in debt for the first time in my life! Granted it's only a -£200 overdraft but I only have enough money for two months more bills and food at this rate, and no further access to credit. Things need to change! In fact they're already changing, since I joined FLF and you all told me to find a...
  6. elusive97

    Bootstrapping, initial capital-building failed! What now?

    I haven't been making as many threads here as I've been putting things into action and figuring things out as I go. I just hit a roadblock that I'm not sure of my way around though, and I'm hopeful someone can help. I run a large Facebook community and have experience growing a...
  7. elusive97

    Providing the RIGHT value

    Too often I think selfishly and share something valuable to me, but my audience don't like it. Sometimes it feels like my audience are more interested in less valuable content. Having a producer mindset whilst simultaneously thinking 'like the audience' to create content they love is so...
  8. elusive97

    HOT TOPIC Dealing with depression as an entrepreneur, figuring things out as I go

    I haven't really spoke to anyone on here about it or mentioned it to anyone but I need to hear some advice from fellow entrepreneurs as it's hard for others to relate, and I don't have a strong support network. I've dealt with persistent depression since I was young. I'm not sure why I have...
  9. elusive97

    If time is money, am I doing the right thing?

    Achieved my goal of buying a house 5 years ahead of my goal a couple of years ago. Lost my prev business around the same time and didn't realise how huge the renovation was. I bought the house on the basis heating and electric were working, they weren't, that the structure was stable, it...
  10. elusive97

    OFF-TOPIC I started watching Star Wars for the first time ever...

    I started on A New Hope and last night I watched The Empire Strikes Back. I find it harder to suspend my disbelief with sci-fi but I'm really enjoying them actually! A part I found funny and relatable and that made me think of FLF was when Luke is starting to use the force. He says he can't...
  11. elusive97

    Side hustle fell through, £0 income, guess I'm going all in

    My side hustle was dependent on multiple external factors and I knew it would only work temporarily. It paid my bills for a few months so I'm thankful for that! Currently I have £220, I'm going to spend half of that this week on my internet bill and food for the month. I have bills coming out...
  12. elusive97

    What do you require of a Facebook Marketer/Manager?

    I'm thinking about taking on Facebook clients in the new year after utilising this month to get into the right mindset and work on my knowledge. At the moment I'm great at growing and monetising audiences, analysing pages/groups, setting up teams, creating organic content, but there's still a...
  13. elusive97

    How to become a more well rounded Facebook 'expert'

    I've grown and monetised Facebook pages and groups for myself for a few years. If someone is having a general FB problem I can usually help out or give them the workaround, or I can tell them what they're doing wrong. The problem is I've only ever worked on my own pages (publishing...
  14. elusive97

    I'm not smart enough to sell my services, I'm just really good at what I do for myself

    It's almost 3am and I can't sleep, just wanted to share something that's troubling me. So basically after joining this forum I've had a huge mindset shift already and although I'm still hopeful I'm right and my current project works out, I'm seeing how valuable selling a skill can be. I'm...
  15. elusive97

    INTRO Previously successful young entrepreneur. Failed hard, I need your advice.

    I love being an entrepreneur. I have ever since I was age 12 and made my first £££ - I made a website using skills I'd taught myself for my uncle. He was impressed and after seeing that first lil bundle of cash and being proud of my work (and seeing it be used for actual business!) I knew my...

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