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  1. chriszach

    BOOK DOWNLOAD FREE: The 7 Steps to App Success

    Phenomenal ! Many thanks, can't wait to dive into it.
  2. chriszach

    INTRO Certified LOSER living on mum's couch!! Gaming Addict looking to turn things around!

    @Cognitive Corgi : As quoted above, burn the boats. And as @TheOrchestrator suggested, change your environment, it helps tremendously. I'm still a beginner on this path and I certainly feel you, since I still get stuck on acting as well. I guess it's a different reason for everyone, the fear...
  3. chriszach

    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    Mobile camera has the resolution of a toaster, but you get the picture. Some real nice setups posted in this thread!
  4. chriszach


    Read it, definitely goes into the bucket of "best choices I've ever made".
  5. chriszach

    WEB/DIGITAL Wish you had apps w/10 MILLION+ downloads?

    I want in. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!
  6. chriszach

    INTRO Read TMF by chance at 25, now I'm here. Hi to all!

    You're most certainly right. I don't doubt he is worried. I'll do my best to calibrate and mold everything into a concrete plan and take more action. Thanks a lot for your kind words man. Wish you the best of luck as well.
  7. chriszach

    INTRO Read TMF by chance at 25, now I'm here. Hi to all!

    Greetings to all fastlaners, My name is Chris. I'm 25 years old and currently live in Greece. The short story is that I graduated last summer as a software engineer. I worked for the university till March 2018 as a research assistant, but practically I was a developer. I left the university...
  8. chriszach

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Greetings to all, Just finished the book. I'm restless, can't stop thinking about all the blindspots I've been missing. Let's do this. Thanks MJ.

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