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  1. CardinalFlame

    HOT TOPIC "Hustle House": What would you want living-wise as an entrepreneur?

    I would be, Mike! But you already know that timing is an open question for me but very interested and am taking a vacation to PR to check it out this summer!
  2. CardinalFlame

    Urgent! Don’t get sued because of your website..

    Thanks for raising awareness! :)
  3. CardinalFlame

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit, Itinerary

    It was awesome to meet you, thanks for sharing your insight and can't wait to see what the future holds for you! :)
  4. CardinalFlame

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit, Itinerary

    Can't wait to soak it all in!
  5. CardinalFlame

    How do/did you become passionate about entrepreneurship without a big FTE?

    Well put, thank you for sharing!! Couldn't agree more, life is about growth.
  6. CardinalFlame


    Read it and loved it, again. Really drove home TMF.
  7. CardinalFlame

    GOLD! E-Commerce from Start to Scale to... (Sold?)

    Man this is a cliff hangerrrrrrr....
  8. CardinalFlame

    Moonlighters, working your business in the evenings/weekends - what drives you?

    Awesome post, @AceVentures. Thanks for sharing! Your "interviews with Ace" sound interesting and remind me of the self mastermind group Napoleon Hill had with famous men of his day and prior (including Abe Lincoln if I remember correctly)! Maybe I need to try this... I can definitely relate...
  9. CardinalFlame

    Still Struggling to Get Started? See Nothing but Bare Walls? Don't have a Single Idea?

    RazorCut - Thanks for sharing!! Every bit of motivation helps cultivate this type of mindset for us beginners!
  10. CardinalFlame

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    I am just starting this thread but am also in the Scottsdale area and would love to meet up just for coffee and to exchange progress, bounce ideas or just converse with someone else who truly understands what I/the other am/is trying to achieve (TMF)! PM when you have some time!
  11. CardinalFlame

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit at Talking Stick Resort... Event Info

    Where do I sign...? Will be a first time attendee, send me the pre-order form.
  12. CardinalFlame

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    To my own indignity, I have not read much in my adult life. Last year I realized there HAD to be more and I was tired of just being "interested" in entrepreneurship. I quit my corporate job and started reading. After which I felt like I had let years of my life slip away without true growth...

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