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  1. emsi2

    Ready To Execute My Idea.

    Hello guys again, i already wrote a few days ago my first post about my presentation to the forum. I repeat that I am italian and I do not speak English very well, so sorry if I do not express myself well but i will try to do it as best as i can. As I said in my first post i'm ready to become...
  2. emsi2

    INTRO From dreamer to doer, italian 26 years old

    Hello Guys, Christian here, from Italy, near Florence. I'm not very well to speak english, i'm trying to write the best i can. I'm 26 years old and i've ever dreamed to create a my online company since i sold my first things on ebay at 14/15 years. I leaved high school at 16/17 years because i...

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