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  1. BradD 60 Mins Bezos Interview

    It's Saturday night, so naturally I was enjoying some Youtube videos when this one came up in my feed.. Never came across it before but it's a great look at Amazon during the .com boom- some great lessons, and my personal fave was the Sears reference :rofl: View:
  2. BradD Business Accts/Dropship APIs

    Friends, Some of you may find this info useful- My company does a ton of buying on we buy books that are shipped to a warehouse in NY and are then freighted into a Toronto warehouse for fulfillment. A sales rep from the new Amazon Business program reached out to us to setup a...
  3. BradD

    Amazon Inventory Financing

    Came across an interesting article on the growth of Amazon's lending business: Amazon loaned SMEs $3 billion since 2011, $1 billion in the past year alone | VentureBeat | Commerce | by Paul Sawers I haven't read their filings to dig deeper- but I assume they have a massive float from the 2...
  4. BradD

    I'm Mike Lindell, Founder of MyPillow

    Came across this answer on Quora- not sure how much of it is true, but an incredible comeback/marketing story
  5. BradD

    MEETUPS Ottawa Entrepreneur Event

    To my fellow Nation's capital friends (and potentially Mtl, TO), there's an upcoming event presented by Invest Ottawa on May 11 that looks interesting: AccelerateOTT – May 11, 2017 Good mix of investors, speakers, startups etc (some from SV)- I haven't confirmed yet as I may be out of town...
  6. BradD

    Be Careful! An Amazon Story

    Thought I'd share this as it could be valuable/prevent you from pulling your hair out, crying, possible divorce- For those thinking of opening a second AMZ account for any reason (new/change in ownership, new business, etc), think again.. When we sold our business- we had a large amount of...
  7. BradD

    INTRO Allow me to introduce myself..

    Hello! My name is Brad, I'm a long-time entrepreneur in the North (Ottawa, Canada)- this is already feeling like a dating profile. I'm a 33 yr old white male, no hookups, looking for long-term etc Moving along- studied finance/marketing back in my Uni days, and started an online textbook...

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