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  1. sonny_1080

    Thats Why They're Broke

    You might find this little story beneficial. The pandemic has obviously affected a lot of people financially (including myself). Some beneficially, most burdensome. A few years ago I marketed and sold financial plans. After 6 months I started to see a pattern: The people who most needed the...
  2. sonny_1080

    COVID-19 Causes Pizza BOOM

    I just spoke to a friend who owns a pizza shop. Definitely a PRODUCTOCRACY. It's a franchise but people love his shop in particular. So much so that the other 2 franchises in my area closed down and he's opening another shop. For the last WEEK he has been closing THREE HOURS EARLY EVERY DAY...
  3. sonny_1080

    EXECUTION To Those Panicked/Discouraged by the PANDEMIC (or New to FLF)

    Four months ago I graduated from college significantly depressed. My biggest life goal had been reached. It 's ALWAYS been my dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Somewhere along my scripted life I put it on the back-burner. It became something to dream about, smiling to myself thinking...
  4. sonny_1080

    Struggling? Start here!

    This past month I’ve had numerous moments of coming face-to-face with my own scripted mindset. The funny part is how much I delude myself into thinking I’m “Unscripted” until I see it manifesting itself mechanically in my ordinary life. I was just watching @Andy Black's Categorising Keywords...
  5. sonny_1080

    2 questions

    Question #1: For those of you on lockdown, quarantined, or social distancing in some way, what skills you guys are learning with this surplus of time? Harken back to GOLD! - Getting started is this simple... Question #2: For all the small business owners out there, if someone approached you...
  6. sonny_1080

    Contributing to our communities during the Coronavirus outbreak.

    I want to make this thread FOCUSED on how we are contributing to our communities (local, national, global, etc) during this very strange time. I was going to make this thread in the ideas section, but I want these ideas to be value contributions and services that we can initiate and get going...
  7. sonny_1080

    Going into business with my Dad

    My Dad was approached with an idea to buy a business from a friend of ours who is very familiar with the industry. My Dad asked me to research the market and let him know what I find (I’m an economics major). My Dad said that the goal is to buy this business and use the profits to buy another...
  8. sonny_1080

    EXECUTION 9 Questions About Executing This Business

    Preface: I work at a clothing store. 2-3 times a week on average, customers need clothes tailored within a couple days. My tailor can’t deliver so I’m forced to call different tailors to see who can get it done by the time they need it and then I have to send the customer to them. Opportunity...
  9. sonny_1080

    How do I scale a business like this?

    Driving to work the other day I decided to get donuts for my coworkers. I wanted a healthier option. Fruit came to mind. Pre-packaged fruit at grocery stores is expensive and tasteless. There weren’t any fruit carts around. Any fruit delivered through postmates would be stupid expensive. The...
  10. sonny_1080

    INTRO Here we go!

    Hey everyone! After reading the millionaire fast lane, I’ve decided to launch into my entrepreneurial career. Little bit of background: I’m 27 years old and about a month away from getting my bachelors degree in economics. I’ve got zero student loan debt and I’ve been self-supporting the...

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