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    Startup Genome Project - An interesting read for entrepreneurs

    Startup Genome - Our mission is to amplify the power of entrepreneurs. With the Startup Genome Project we want to do for startups what Pandora did for Music in order to understand how innovation happens at a fundamental level and the spread the knowl I did a forum search for this and was...
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    O/T: FUNNY Well, that settles it...

    I received the following prediction from my personal mystic today: Finally, I can stop working so hard now that I know it's inevitable. :smxF:
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    What would you do all day?!

    This is inspired by LagunaLauren's "Bucket List" thread, but with a different spin. Once you make it to point where you no longer have to work and every hour of every day belongs to you, what would you do? I originally started thinking about this last year in regards to retirement, though now...
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    Paradigm Shift

    The last few months has been something of a whirlwind for my general view of the world and I thought I'd share it. Three months ago I felt successful. At 24 I had nearly achieved every milestone that, when I was young, I envisioned to be the markers of success. Since I was 21, I have had a...
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    Pedal to the Floor

    I'll give a little background to explain how I came to this crossroads and found the Fastlane. Ever since I was a kid, I was full of big ideas. I knew I would do something significant with my life, I knew I'd be wealthy. I knew people either got there by being famous or in business, so I...

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