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    HOT TOPIC Business Ideas for the (emerging) stay-at-home Economy?

    just read this from fastcompany
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    NOTABLE! You’re not selling wholesale?

    Just listened to this podcast. They talk about direct to consumer, ebay, amazon and wholesale to brick n motor. Very good discussion of strategy and hedging your "bet" Millionaire Interviews Podcast Episode 77
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    What's Your Favorite Documentary?

    Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (2013) - IMDb
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    Health Inspectors

    Did you ever move forward with recipes and production?
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    HOT TOPIC The Process of Creating A Real Product

    This post was exactly the guide I needed today even 4 years after it was written. Excellent post!
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    NOTABLE! [Progress] Growing a Cleaning Business

    "If you were to come up with $800K("yours", investors or SPECIALIZED LENDERS), believe it or not, you could acquire a $100million/annual sales company." Hmmm...I work for a company that does apx $100 million in sales and not sure how I could acquire it for less than 1% cash
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    Don't believe the "Script" read this

    If this isn't a FTE for anyone that hasn't had their own I don't know what is! Holy shit, this woman is in her late 50's early 60's, married 36 years, husband cashed out their "retirement" saving of a whopping 50K and she's buried in dept. F*ck THIS! My husband cashed out his retirement and...
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    How about a Distribution Company?

    I agree with all these points but I would add that there are distributors in let's say the Sporting Goods market that will sell their "house branded" hockey pucks and the name brands at the same time. Yes on the house branded product there is more risk and capital outlay to get started but also...
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    Own that niche - How a former triathlete created 100m business

    Thanks for the link. Some good advice here for anyone just starting.
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    O/T: HEALTH Are you struggling to eat vegetables ?

    There are a lot of people out there that are only eating meat and thriving. I have nothing to do with this site but if you want to read about people that have given up plants check it out.
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    Interesting Podcast How I Built This

    Thanks for the tip on this podcast. The first episode I listened to was about LARABARS founder Lara Merriken. Lara pretty much had all the Fastlane and Unscripted boxes checked and ended up selling her company to General Mills after being in the market for about 5 or 6 years. She got rich...
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    GOLD! I will help you find a product to sell on Amazon

    The reason some of the bags like the one you have on the back were developed is for off-road adventures where keeping the bike "skinny" would be helpful on tight single track trails. I would think that having a lot of weight high up and in font of the handlebars would make the bike ride...
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    RANT Do Any Of You Guys Think Apple Are Starting To Show Signs Of Falling?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed but I think Apple dropped the headphone jack so they could control credit card processing. Can't plug in a Square type device without the port. Maybe there are wireless options out there?
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    EXECUTION (First Post) Starting A Fitness Apparel Company: My Plan

    I have a buddy that started in his garage as well and I can tell you if he could do it over again he would start by contracting out the shirt production and focus on SALES and MARKETING. The shirts you're going to make in your garage with "starter" equipment are going to be crap compared to the...
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    GOLD! 9 'Slap-Your-Face' Lessons You Need to Learn from this Shark Tank Success Story

    I use rule number 2 all the time skiing. I'll catch myself skiing passively for whatever reason and will remind myself to "engage" the hill. As soon as I do that my skiing performance jumps dramatically.
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    Help Me with My Wholesale Pricing

    With a $19.95 Retail price a $10 wholesale is right on the money for the type of retailers you are going after. I sell product to specialty retailers and that's the margin they need or better yet offer them a product that retails for $24.95 for $10 that may help you get their attention and a...
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    How to Choose a Target Industry for the Fastlane

    Can you apply your product to nursing homes, home health care providers, dentist offices? Plenty of these types of businesses would be accessible to you.
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    I went for a drive today

    I read a blog post from Start Up Bro's where they recommended just writing down every idea you have/had without worrying about if it's a good idea or not just to clear your mind so new ideas can emerge. I can tell you since I've started doing this new and random ideas are popping up almost...
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    Slurpees - a licensing Cinderella Story

    I like this quote Those Slurpees came in at an astounding .18 cent cost factor, selling for a 1.99 per cup -- that's what made the store money.

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