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    Is it possible to start freelancing as a 17yo?

    Where are you located? I might have a weekend hustle for you that could make you some extra money.
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    EXECUTION Launching an OTC Drug

    I hope for your sake you are talking about a nutritional supplement. If you're talking about an actual medicine, then you either have a cease and desist from the FDA in your future or a long, grueling, and expensive new drug application.
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    HOT TOPIC Stock Market Trading Rotation System

    @levijean , are you not shorting anything? Most momentum/trend traders I know make their bank on the downside.
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    HOT TOPIC Thought Experiment: WWYD in Your Post Powerball Euphoria?

    I've got a billion dollars? That's easy, buy 4 billion worth of commercial real estate and begin building an empire that spans generations.
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    NOTABLE! A Room Full of Opportunity (Follow up on the darn leads!)

    Thanks for the quick response and honesty.
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    NOTABLE! A Room Full of Opportunity (Follow up on the darn leads!)

    @MidwestLandlord , do you feel the course you are tak9ng would he applicable to someone selling financial services? If so, would you mind sending me a PM with the name of the course?
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    Emails to warm leads

    @Andy Black , something I've been thinking about the past few days while I write some new emails: What kind of language do you use/suggest to use? Should I put away my copy of Cashvertising and just use conversational language? This is definitely sales copy, but I don't want to look like I'm...
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    Emails to warm leads

    Context: I'm sending a report on a niche industry, that also serves as a further sales pitch. People requesting it are interested in working w/ me on projects in this industry. It explains what is required/expected of a potential client. It could be that the possible assumption of...
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    Emails to warm leads

    Hi All, Looking for a little advice here. A project I'm working on requires contacting people who have asked for some specific information and sharing a report with them. I send them an email with the report as an attachment, and a short text message telling them it has been sent and to check...
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    Cryptocurrency RED FLAGS Thread

    Post #5 answered your question about 5 months ago. There are also legit mining pools you can join online without having to buy equipment. Back on topic , I knew a guy who had a fairly successful small business. He sold it and put everything into bitconnect. He told me about it in a...
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    What do you guys think about this cold email?

    Would you all say the same points apply to emails to warm or qualified leads? I'm having a rough time getting responses after people have asked me to contact them.
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    OFF-TOPIC Cigar Afficionados in the House?

    I had a few nice cigars on a recent trip to Brazil. Danneman brand. I enjoyed them so much that I looked into importing them for sale in the US. I contacted the company and they said they've already got an exclusive distributor in the US. Yet here I am unable to find them...
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    Who here is in Oil and Gas Industry??

    I'm in the industry and in the Houston area. Hit me up w a direct message and we can chat. Disclaimer: you might have to buy me a beer
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    All I have is Money... Best High Investment Business Ideas?

    I've been looking at a few investment opportunities in the US. Elder care type things with some potential. I don't want to be spammy in the forums, so if you're interested in hearing some of the details, send me a direct message.
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    HOT TOPIC Convince me to Not Buy a Home

    My 2 cents: You can invest the money you would put into the house and likely make a bigger return in the long run. A house that you live in is a liability, not an asset.
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    NOTABLE! Selling products to the military.

    My thoughts as well. DoD just released their second batch of SBIR requests for this year. You can check and see if your product fits any of their advertised needs. You've got until mid June or so to submit a proposal. I keep an eye on the DoD releases, as there's a great deal of money to be...
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    INTRO I'm gonna be a dad.. Did I just lose the Fastlane?

    I found the birth of my first to be extremely motivating, in a way that I had not felt before. It used to be about living comfortably on my own schedule, now it's about building a legacy for my kids, so that they can do the same.
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    HOT TOPIC Marijuana entrepreneurship; industry discussion

    I looked into several businesses for the cannabis industry, but I've passed on all of them. The reason being that you're almost always going to be one bad day at the Attorney General's office away from a life sentence for money laundering or drug trafficking. You have to weigh risk vs reward...
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    Lead Generation Site - Getting Started

    You'll need something that adds value for your clients on both sides. Screen the service providers to make sure they're of high quality, and pre-qualify your leads to make sure your service providers don't waste time and money.
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    Just overheard an entire Kiyoski based MLM pitch. Wow, that was painful.

    About 2 years ago I was browsing the business section in a local bookstore. Mostly looking to read up on marketing. Another guy in the section asked me what I was looking for, we struck up a conversation, and he offered to introduce me to his mentor. A successful entrepreneur offering to mentor...

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