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  1. Kingmaker

    $30,000,000 a year Amazon account. How do I grow it more?

    I recently got a job managing ecommerce for a company and feel a bit out of my depth. I also have a cart blanche in terms of what I can do, they specifically wanted to hire a person not to do a specific task but to "grow sales", as vague as that sounds it gives a lot of freedom to me. Current...
  2. Kingmaker

    Pre-selling and gauging buyer interest - best service to use?

    I have come up with a product idea and want to pre-sell it, but not in the traditional sense of a landing page with a "coming soon - please enter your e-mail", but where a customer would actually put their payment info in and only then get an out of stock message. I want to gauge REAL buyer...
  3. Kingmaker

    MEETUPS Los Angeles Fastlane Meetup Saturday July 28th

    Come and join us for the second ever Los Angeles Fastlane meetup! Saturday July 28th @ 7:00PM Fairmont Miramar Hotel 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 We meet at the Fairmont and talk business for a while in a quiet setting, and then those who want to stick around can also join us...
  4. Kingmaker

    MEETUPS Los Angeles meetup this Saturday April 28th!

    Come and join us for a long awaited LA meetup. San Diego, SF and OC folks are already scheduled to visit for this so it's going to be a great time! Saturday April 28th @ 7:00PM Cafe Brass Monkey in Koreatown 3440 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010 (tagging those of you that have LA as your...
  5. Kingmaker

    MEETUPS Orange County, California

    Anyone local that wants to grab lunch? Current interests are cryptocurrencies and their real world adoption, but any entrepreneurship topic is fine.
  6. Kingmaker

    MEETUPS Tokyo

    Is anyone in Tokyo, living or traveling here? I'm here for the next week so if anyone wants to have lunch let me know! Will also take suggestions on fun things to do/see here if you've been before.
  7. Kingmaker

    MEETUPS Dubai

    Is anyone in Dubai, living or traveling here? I'm here until mid-January 2018 so if anyone wants to have lunch let me know!
  8. Kingmaker

    O/T: FUNNY Funny breakdown of marketing

    A professor explained marketing to MBA students: "You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You approach her and say 'I'm rich, marry me.' That's DIRECT MARKETING." "You attend a party and your friend approaches a gorgeous girl and says 'That's my friend. He is very rich. Marry him.' That's...
  9. Kingmaker

    Theme your days (productivity tip)

    I learned this from Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter and Stripe) on the video below: He works 16 hour days (8 at Twitter and 8 at Stripe). Each day is themed to stay productive: Monday: Management and running the company Tuesday: Product Wednesday: Marketing and communications Thursday...
  10. Kingmaker

    Keep Going

    Transcript: Keep Going It begins with a sense of what it should be like. Beautiful, accomplished, elegant, perfect. And it is so exciting. You wake up, bounce out of bed, full of hope and energy. You settle down to work. In your mind’s eye you have such a vivid idea of what you want your...
  11. Kingmaker

    Bryan Johnson’s Path to $800 Million (Tim Ferris)

    Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of OS Fund and Braintree, the latter of which was bought by eBay in 2013 for $800 million in cash. Bryan launched OS Fund in 2014 with $100 million of his personal capital to support inventors and scientists who aim to benefit...
  12. Kingmaker

    Good video on why your marketing trumps everything (Dane Maxwell)

    Video: Used to always get confused as to why successful people say your marketing is more important than your product/skill/etc but this video really explains it well. Dane Maxwell's SaaS thread had a lot of good info too...
  13. Kingmaker

    Small talk tips?

    Some people are great communicators and can talk to absolutely anyone, and some suck at it. I'm the latter. I'm trying to get better. Here are a few tips that I wrote down so far from asking the 'natural' communicators and searching the forum: - While the other person is still talking...
  14. Kingmaker

    Art Williams Just Do It Speech (Life Changing)
  15. Kingmaker

    Do you hate your long commute to the day job?

    Me too! Few things are more mind-numbing than sitting in traffic for 30-60 minutes...Each way. That is time that we will never get back, and is a criminal waste of the most precious resource that we have. Reading this forum I saw someone mention "Automobile University": So I tried it out...
  16. Kingmaker

    I failed yesterday...

    ... And it felt great! My mother gave me some jewelry pieces that she owns and asked me to see if I can sell them at work because we need money. I am not a social person in general, and selling in person seemed like hell to me... I literally had to sit in my car on my break and muster up my...
  17. Kingmaker

    Another benefit of "Just doing it" and taking action is...

    Creating more room in your head for new and better ideas ? I used to spend insane amounts of time thinking about a project (scenarios of failure and excuses being the dominant thought - almost as if my brain was working against me) without actually doing it.....And I feel like this did not...

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