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  1. LinorCG

    RANT A co-worker who is good with his job but keeps everything to himself!

    Sorry guys, just blowing off some steam here about a co-worker of mine who is really good with his work (very technical, knows it all) but really doesn't share the knowledge around. And when my team does something wrong, he's gonna raise his voice and let everyone know and be the hero to fix it...
  2. LinorCG

    EXECUTION Starting again and again...will it be different this time?

    Yep, as title states, its back to box zero. My constant struggle is I have a shiny object syndrome. The last time I posted here was I was gonna do IG (become an influencer). Then a new gig came out "FUNNEL to RICHES" they said, even without a mailing list they said, buy the program they said...
  3. LinorCG

    EXECUTION Dusting off and starting all over online

    My journey so far has been all about learning, realization and strength builder. It all started when... When I started out my journey, I had a decent 8-5 job which later became 7-5 (10hrs) to make the company more attractive 'coz we offer 9 solid hours of IT services compared to match the...
  4. LinorCG

    Documentary Films Online

    I really love watching documentary films, just wanted to share a link to those who also love them. P.S. I am in no way related or affiliated to the site/site owners. Just somebody who wanted to share resources. :)
  5. LinorCG

    Got sick and tired of being sick and tired

    Hi all, I couldn't contribute yet in the business discussion section as I am just starting out my FASTLANE journey (I'm still a slowlaner as I still have a job for 2 months) but I'd really like to contribute to the forum with some personal experiences about Health. Just a background about me...
  6. LinorCG

    O/T: FUNNY LOL while reading the reviews on this one!

    Guys, just wanted to share - Whether its true or not, had a good laugh reading the reviews! Enjoy :)
  7. LinorCG

    Leaving the slowlane at the TOP? What's you take?

    Heard this one from an audiobook last year and I have to admit, it stuck to my brain like glue (I wish it was like a post-it that I could easily pluck out) which may be the reason why I decided to not quit the slowlane ASAP. So here's my story...I work in a good(i doesn't mean I love it here...
  8. LinorCG

    BOOK Have anyone read - The Star Principle : How it can make you rich

    I'm starting to read Richard Koch's - The Star Principle (still n Chapter 1) and so far it's like hitchhiking (you're not the driver). Find a business that has 2 qualities: 1. Leader of its niche 2. Growth of at least 10% per year Either invest or work in it. Have you guys read the book and...
  9. LinorCG

    WEB/DIGITAL Would I have been successful with this system?

    Hi guys, for years, I've been trying to work my way online but as you know a job holds one back. About 2 yrs ago, I was introduced into a online system that creates websites. You just buy a domain name, input all the relevant keyword and it'll post articles, videos and ads related to your...
  10. LinorCG

    INTRO Hello to everyone, Linor here from Manila Philippines

    Hi Everyone, First of all, thank you all for being an inspiration, you and your courage to take the leap to the Fastlane is a driving force for me. Finally, me and the small voice in my head which keeps on telling me - "there is another way to get wealthy! there is another way!" is now in...

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