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  1. RobD88

    Continuing to push the envelope.

    Continuing to push the envelope.
  2. RobD88

    Just keep moving forward...

    Just keep moving forward...
  3. RobD88

    Nice to meet like minded people!

    Nice to meet like minded people!
  4. RobD88

    EXECUTION Business Is No Field of Dreams

    Build it and they will come they said...not quite. Well they came but they didn't buy, YET. This progress thread is in follow up to my thread: INTRO - Never too old to get started right? I officially launched my first real business effort & website this past weekend at an event catered to my...
  5. RobD88

    HOT TOPIC Should I Drop Out of High School?

    No! You should not. You should take it seriously and make it a goal to do better. High school is easy compared to the real world. If you can't succeed there you'll have a hard time elsewhere.
  6. RobD88

    INTRO I'm 20 Years Old and Trying to Find an Important Answer

    I would disagree that your knowledge in labratory medicine can only take you to a dead end job. It's how you put that knowledge to use that leads to a dead end job. If you can find a pain point within that industry or a pain point of people that industry serves and solve it, market it, and use...
  7. RobD88

    HOT TOPIC What would you do at 16?

    I'm assuming you mean not seeing any need for college after reading both books. To that I will say I disagree. I do agree that taking on tens of thousands of dollars in debt for your education is not ideal. However, education is the one and only thing in life nobody can take from you. Once...
  8. RobD88

    NOTABLE! Going "All-In" on ONE cryptocurrency... which?

    In that case...Tom Brady. But seriously, ETH. I have no clue abouit crypto but the little bit of research I've done shows more traditional institutions adopting it as an actual, usable technology for tracking/posting transactions. If the biggest names in finance are adopting the technology it...
  9. RobD88

    HOT TOPIC Can Shopify rip me off?

    ^^^^ And what he said ^^^^
  10. RobD88

    HOT TOPIC Can Shopify rip me off?

    ^^^^ What he said ^^^^
  11. RobD88

    HOT TOPIC Managing Sucessful Relationships

    Learn to love yourself first then give/take all other things in moderation.
  12. RobD88

    INTRO An introduction - Old school versus new school

    One thing I've learned in my brief time on this forum is you are never too old. It sounds like you have a great skill set to propel you into the fastlane. Like @MJ DeMarco said, you have a distinct advantage in the realm of creativity. Technical skill it would seem as well. All you have to do...
  13. RobD88

    INTRO I'm 20 Years Old and Trying to Find an Important Answer

    It's hard to answer your question without knowing more. What are your goals? What are your interests? What is your background & history? In general, if you are interested in being an entrepreneur you need to find a need in the market and choose to fill that need. Nobody can tell you what need...
  14. RobD88

    Silence is Golden

    Market echos my friend...keep moving forward.
  15. RobD88

    RANT The #1 reason why Brick & Mortar businesses fail.

    Your point is well taken and there are definitely two sides to every story. However, I will suggest that in today's world, more times that not it's the other way around. Just poor customer service. Most companies today spend more time and money obtaining new customers with discounts and fancy...
  16. RobD88

    OFF-TOPIC If You Could Start a Charity What Would It Be and Why?

    An organization that provided free presentations to high school students on basic life skills, career options, personal finance, and slow lane vs. fast lane options. I would try to get into the schools to make the presentations but if the schools weren't up for it then I'd have them in some...
  17. RobD88

    RANT The #1 reason why Brick & Mortar businesses fail.

    On the flip side the exact opposite is how the brick and mortar stores that are surviving/thriving do so. Good customer service is so rare these days that the businesses that focus on it truly do stand head and shoulders above the rest. Having employees that are knowledgeable about the product...
  18. RobD88

    Business is good but too scared to quit my job

    I can imagine the anxiety. I hope to be there feeling that same thing in a year or so. I think what will push me is knowing how I exponentially I can grow my own business when I can devote myself to it full time. The can always find another JOB.
  19. RobD88

    OFF-TOPIC #DeleteFacebook

    I've been toying with the idea for months. Problem is I know I'll need it to get my business up and running. I'll be creating a separate FB page for my business. Once I get all of my "warm market" on board with liking that page it will be c'ya! to my personal page.
  20. RobD88

    INTRO On track to retire by age 27! Rachel from KY

    Welcome! Nice have a lot going on and what seems like a really good plan. I hope to hear more in the future.

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