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  1. RobD88

    EXECUTION Business Is No Field of Dreams

    Build it and they will come they said...not quite. Well they came but they didn't buy, YET. This progress thread is in follow up to my thread: INTRO - Never too old to get started right? I officially launched my first real business effort & website this past weekend at an event catered to my...
  2. RobD88

    Hardest Skill to Master??

    At 47 I’ve had more than my fair share time in corporate America. About 20 years ago I found my current career path in supply chain operations. In that time I’ve worked my way up to a director level positions and have held just about every position in supply chain from dock hand loading trucks...
  3. RobD88

    EXECUTION It's 1:18 a.m.

    It's 1:18 a.m. in the morning and I've been working on my business. Didn't realize it had gotten so late. Time flies whey you're working on your dreams and it's hard to be tired when you're excited about it all coming together..... Good night Fastlane Forum!
  4. RobD88

    Corporate Metrics

    I recently read The E-Myth by Micheal Gerber and he promotes building your business like a big corporation from day 1. Many of the things he suggests seem more like action faking than doing anything of real value in building a business. In my mind taking action and making profit are the two top...
  5. RobD88

    The One Constant in Life is Change

    Change is inevitable. It is the one and only true constant in life. This is even more so in business. Competitors and customers come and go. Products go through a lifecycle of new to obsolete. Technology advances. The financial landscape fluctuates. Companies must continually adapt to their...
  6. RobD88

    Inventory Management

    Many new or inexperienced entrepreneurs may not have much experience in operational aspects of a business like inventory mangement. Here is a quit hit on the subject. The Role of Carrying Cost in Inventory Management & Profitability Carrying cost refers to the total cost of holding inventory...
  7. RobD88

    EXECUTION Giving Back, Creating Value, Making it Personal

    One of the things that struck me in Unscripted was MJ's suggestion about keeping your business personal and not looking like a corporate monolyth. He pointed to the Stur drink enhancers story and how their "about us" page told a story and made consumers feel like they could relate to these...
  8. RobD88

    Time Suckers

    Type "Fa" into your browser address bar. If the first autofilled website that comes up is facebook and not the fastlane're doing something wrong. What do you find are the biggest distractions from reaching your goals?
  9. RobD88

    INTRO Never too old to get started right?

    So here I am, 47 years old and all cushy, comfy with a six figure salary (JOB), nice house (MORTGAGE), two cars (CAR PAYMENTS), two kids about to go to college (TUITION), sorely lacking in savings (VICTIM OF THE COMPOUNDING INTEREST SCAM & CONSUMERISM), and scared to death I’ll be serving...

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