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  1. Fastlane Liam

    Anyone here ever get busted for sleeping in office space?

    Easier said than done, that would be absolutely miserable and exhausting
  2. Fastlane Liam

    HOT TOPIC Photos from the Bunker (Our Fastlane Photo Journal)

    That looks so fun always wanted to own a gold cart
  3. Fastlane Liam

    HOT TOPIC The Video That Got Banned From YouTube. David Icke on Covid-19 and 5G

    David motherfucking Icke :rofl: What gets me with these conspiracy theorist people is that any world event is always a conspiracy. Not once do they turn around to something and say, yknow what its just real. Everything is a conspiracy, every single time.
  4. Fastlane Liam

    HOT TOPIC Anyone learning something useful in quarantine?

    Which course is that Andy? Is it any good?
  5. Fastlane Liam

    Who wants to join forces in the e-commerce?

    What do you bring to the table
  6. Fastlane Liam

    RANT Laid off will get $2,400 per month on top of 100% of wages - WTF?

    Or maybe its because the middle class pay 50%+ of their wages in taxes.
  7. Fastlane Liam

    Meet Kevin: Dave Ramsey Exposed

    Whats your problem? Looks like a case of life getting you down so take it out on someone else. Get lost loser
  8. Fastlane Liam

    Meet Kevin: Dave Ramsey Exposed

    A rather wealthy twerp. But I catch your drift and its funny
  9. Fastlane Liam

    Meet Kevin: Dave Ramsey Exposed

    Your comment had absolutely no substance, sounds like an emotional rant. Yes he uses clout to gain views, big whoopie doopie
  10. Fastlane Liam

    HOT TOPIC A genuine MASSIVE coronavirus business idea/need.

    Same here biophase, I got a couple messages this week from chinese suppliers Im working with or have worked with all trying to flog masks. Although 1 offered to send me some for free for personal use which I thought was really thoughtful.
  11. Fastlane Liam

    HOT TOPIC Business Ideas for the (emerging) stay-at-home Economy?

    People in work with me actually complained about working from home "because its uncomfortable at the kitchen table, have nowhere to sit" This is a gold idea
  12. Fastlane Liam

    HOT TOPIC Business Ideas for the (emerging) stay-at-home Economy?

    Citrix and many other companies kind of beat you on that one, virtual desktops.
  13. Fastlane Liam

    14 Days Since TMF

    Sounds like you've got it figured and good momentum. Keep it going and start right away
  14. Fastlane Liam

    EXECUTION I'm going to go from bankruptcy/£240,000 personal debt to a life of freedom using Facebook ads.

    Honestly what are you doing? You're focus is wishy washy to the max. Seriously you've listed about 10 things you want to focus on, eating healthy, going to the gym, becoming a taxi driver, Facebook ads, e-commerce brand etc etc etc Mate just pick one thing and do that. If it's selling Facebook...
  15. Fastlane Liam

    John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Scam (Or Spam)?

  16. Fastlane Liam

    HOT TOPIC University is making me sick

    Be interesting to see how this pans out, I noticed you totally ignored me before
  17. Fastlane Liam

    Please check out my website

    the main image is blurry for me, try for some nice website images
  18. Fastlane Liam

    EXECUTION Brick By Brick

    Hey thanks for the post, resonate with alot of what you said. You definitely hustle I give it to you. Try transitioning into something that starts with value and goes from there, alot of what you've done already is more hustle and money making. Not a criticism just advice, Im gonna follow along...
  19. Fastlane Liam

    Amazon - Any Tips for rebooting a listing that has been "sold out" for some time?

    Do you know your main keyword? If you type it in what page do you show up on

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