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  1. NickT41

    How Do You Invest for Your Children?

    I'm still en route to the fast lane, but I'm in the middle lane with my blinker on quitting the 9-5 in a year or two. I'm currently reading Unscripted and loving it. While my mindset has certainly changed over the last ~5 years, it's still tough for me to ignore the scripted advice on investing...
  2. NickT41

    WEB/DIGITAL Looking for Feedback on website idea for homeowners

    Edit: Deleted and posted to Insiders.
  3. NickT41

    INTRO Technical wannabe in Ohio

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm Nick and I'm from Ohio. I read the book a few months ago - loved it. It really motivated me and the motivation hasn't stopped. Of course, I haven't made much progress in my goals and cannot settle on an idea of what I want to pursue - the main reason being that I don't...

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