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    Emails to warm leads

    Hi All, Looking for a little advice here. A project I'm working on requires contacting people who have asked for some specific information and sharing a report with them. I send them an email with the report as an attachment, and a short text message telling them it has been sent and to check...
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    Hiring sales reps. Advice?

    Hey All, I've reached a point where I can no longer cover all of the bases on my own. Too many leads and not enough time. I've decided to bring on a few sales reps to help out. The question: Where do I find them? As of now, I'm planning on posting a job description on Indeed. I'll be looking...
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    Business opportunity for automotive minded Fastlaners.

    Hey Fastlaners, I was having a discussion with an acquaintance earlier today about his progress towards starting up a business. He is starting a food truck. I tried to convince him that doesn't seem like a very good idea, but he wasn't having it. He told me about some of the problems he's...
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    High-end Kitchen Gadget. Where to Sell?

    Hi Everyone, During a product search, I've come across a great high-end kitchen gadget. Think in the price range of $150 to $200. I'm not very interested in selling it direct to consumers myself. I'm much more interested in supplying businesses that will then sell to consumers. My question is...
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    How soon is too soon?

    Hi All, I recently contacted a buyer for a national level chain store to speak with them about placing a product I have on their shelves. They're not the first I've contacted about this specific product, but they are probably the best match as far as style and price point go. I spoke to general...
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    Negotiating exclusive rights

    Despite setbacks and failures aplenty in my importing endeavors, I have finally found a few products that will sell and suppliers willing to work with me. Now, I know that as soon as they start selling there will be a flood of copycats attempting to bring in the exact same product. I want to...
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    No response from potential supplier?

    Hi all, Among other things, I've been traveling a lot the past few years. Almost every time I'm abroad somewhere I see something that I think would be great to resell in the US. My success so far has been mixed. It's kind of shocking to see a great product in South America, find the...
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    Good time to buy into oil fields?

    Following the classic stock-market advice of "buy when there's blood in the streets", what do FastLane Forum members think about investment in oil fields right now? With prices depressed there are bound to be producing fields that owners wouldn't mind getting rid of. It might be a good time to...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need to build a website. Not sure where to start.

    Hey All, After numerous attempts in various fields without much to show for it, some of my work is finally gaining traction. I've seen moderate success in writing in a niche non-fiction field that is heavily data oriented, and it's been brought to my attention that people are willing to pay me...
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    REAL ESTATE Anyone own a large apartment complex?

    I don't know if there are specific industry definitions of the term 'large', but I mean 100+ units. I have my eyes set on the goal of owning such a complex within the next 5 years. Currently looking in larger cities in Texas (Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio) just to get a feel for the...
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    What questions for foreign supplier?

    Hi all, I've got a Skype conference this coming Saturday morning with a supplier for a product I am interested in importing and selling in the US. I know the basics of what I should be asking about like minimum order quantity, method of shipping and related costs, shipping insurance, and return...
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    PUBLISHING Facbook advertising for your ebook

    Anyone tried this? It seems like an easy way to target people with specific interests that apply to books you've written. Sci-fi, fantasy, erotica, how-to, whatever. The only drawback I see is that I personally never click on Facebook ads. I have no idea if I'm representative of the public in...
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    PUBLISHING Gaining twitter followers as an author

    I finally got around to opening a twitter account in my pen name. Of course, that means I start with zero followers. Not exactly a huge crowd for a sales pitch. A question for fastlaners with a decent sized following: How did you do it? I imagine I'll go back and edit all of my published work...
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    PUBLISHING Advertising on Bookbub

    Just wondering if any aspiring kindle bestsellers have used bookbub for advertising in the past. I've been considering it, but their criteria for deciding if they will accept you seems a bit ridiculous in some places. The pretentiousness of them having to decide if your work is worth taking your...
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    PUBLISHING Turning a publishing problem into an asset?

    I've been writing my own sci-fi books in my spare time for just over a year now. The process had been slow but steady. 3 full length novels and two novellas that sell steadily if slowly. After reading through a few very helpful and informative threads here in our very own Fastlane Forums, I...
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    Have product, now how to approach buyers?

    When I say buyers I mean the people in charge of purchasing merchandise for sale at department stores and the like. Would anyone who has some experience with this care to tell me a little about what they learned? In the meantime I'll be putting up a few products on ebay and amazon. Any chance...
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    PUBLISHING Using FIVERR to promote eBooks

    Update on using Fiverr to promote some books. I hired five people to do the promotions. On their end that included posting links and description and favorable reviews on places like facebook, twitter, and good reads. They did as promised and sent me pictures and links to check out. They...
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    PUBLISHING Going through traditional publisher but retaining ebook rights?

    Hi all, This is my first post on the Millionaire Fastlane Forums. I read M.J.'s book last year and have been at work for a while on becoming financially independent. I've dabbled in a few things here and there, but I've constantly been returning to writing. Whether I'm any good at it or not...

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