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  1. Kerry7

    FEATURED! Introducing... WEALTH EXPO$ED, A Short Story By MJ DeMarco

    Really enjoyed it. Great reminder that it's about mindset and the willingness to be uncomfortable.
  2. Kerry7

    SELL ME SAT What Are You Selling? Post Your Offer, Biz, Links to The Forum (April 2020)

    Website builds and SEO. I also work with a business funding company specializing in working capital for small businesses and start ups. Reach out if interested or there's anything I can help with. (USA based only for the funding at this time)
  3. Kerry7

    O/T: HEALTH Making selling simple masks For the masses to wear

    From the latest news releases, it sounds as though it's going to be mandatory to wear some kind of facemask or similar protection to leave the house. Not to mention those who have to continue to work in essential businesses. @JohnD Realestate it's awesome that your wife is that forward...
  4. Kerry7

    Struggling 24 year old, trying to master brainstorming and picking something to run with...

    I second this. 50k at 24 year of age is better than most in your age bracket. If I was in your shoes, I'd be saving as much of that as possible while branching out and learning some new skills. What needs might be coming around the corner that you could plan ahead for by using this time to...
  5. Kerry7

    HOT TOPIC Business Ideas for the (emerging) stay-at-home Economy?

    I agree that this is going to encourage companies to consider more remote working options. One of the challenges is not only the infrastructure (tech) but coaching/educating managers or supervisors on how to effectively lead remote employees and teams. I'm sure the current situation is cause a...
  6. Kerry7


    This book came to me at just the right time to shake up my world and get me rethinking my direction. Might have spoiled my 'vacation' since I spent the week reading it and realizing I needed to make some big changes, I just didn't have the answers as to what to do next. I've found that...

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