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    A Little Help Here! (Stuck)

    Hi, So I am having an overwhelming feeling of being stuck with my new business. I am developing a personal accountability mobile app (to sum it in short) and I am having trouble just getting it off of the ground. I just feel unsure where to go or what to do with my concept and molding the...
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    INTRO Hello, I'm Liz! And I'm Ready to Work, Finally!

    Thanks for the warm welcome yall! My project focuses on 4 pillars: financial, education, wellness, and business.
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    INTRO Hello, I'm Liz! And I'm Ready to Work, Finally!

    Hey yall! Happy New Year! I'm Liz and hey, I'm just happy to be here! I am currently building my first business as a true entrepreneur. No marketing scams or MLMs. Been there, wasted time. My focus is to build a service that brings value to audiences craving process-centered self improvement...

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