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    Don't believe the "Script" read this

    If this isn't a FTE for anyone that hasn't had their own I don't know what is! Holy shit, this woman is in her late 50's early 60's, married 36 years, husband cashed out their "retirement" saving of a whopping 50K and she's buried in dept. F*ck THIS! My husband cashed out his retirement and...
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    Let's improve a 4 1/2 Star Product

    I'm working on exercising the "business idea" part of my brain and would like to analyze and come up with ways to improve this 4 1/2 Star product that's listed on Amazon. (disclaimer I don't plan on getting into the lawn accessory business this is just for the practice unless of course we hit a...
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    Any LOW carbers around here? What kind of homemade snacks are you making?

    I've been eating a really low carb diet the last couple of weeks trying to lose some body fat and was wondering what kind of homemade zero/low carb portable snacks are you making/eating? Specifically looking for ideas on food to eat during workouts(think 3 hour bikes rides, hikes, hunting...

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