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    EXECUTION [Progress] Newbie. Jumped in, bought 1st online biz. Goal to flip for $100k profit in 12 months.

    While I've had a nice corp sales career, I'm always thinking about ways to make extra income streams. Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate have treated me well. But I'm always thinking about ways for additional income. I was first inspired by biophase thread of buying an online biz to pay for a...
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    Anyone used a successful Amazon Affiliate site to start selling as FBA?

    I'm in the process of buying a content site (reviews) that makes commission off Amazon purchase referrals (affiliate). I figure, instead of simply sending links to Amazon for others to profit, why not refer my links to my own amazon product. I know it will take a little time to get my amazon...
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    INTRO "In It" for the Long Game

    I'm here to learn how to transition from the corp job to building my next 25 year career in making money online. 25+ years in IT Software & Sales, had a great career. I'm very good at what I do, and will continue to do it another 5 to 8 years as it pays great and I can continue to sock away...
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    Buying Internet Sites. 3 small sites vs. 1 large site. Feedback Needed.

    This forum has inspired me to invest into my side hustle of buying Internet sites. Been doing my DD for previous 3 months. Researching like crazy, talking to brokers, dabbling in Wordpress development, affiliate marketing, etc. I have a very busy professional job so I can spend nights /...

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