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    How does a 22-yr-old scientist find business insights? MBA? Meet-ups?

    Here's the situation. A grad student is working on a 4-5 yr physics PhD. Grad school is on 100% merit scholarships, so she'll exit with 30K in pocket, meaning 115 K in personal funds. Life ahead will be research, inventions, owning/selling companies, and living. In the grad school bubble it's...
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    NEW BESTSELLER from 'HOOKED' Author. Simple and Real Solutions: How to Be "Indistractible." Nir Eyal Book Discussion.

    @garyfritz explained the problem of reading so many ideas and great advice on attention which always turned out to be complete!y useless to him. This thread is about what you actually can do to overcome distractibilty. The discussion will cover "Indistractible," the new book by Nir Eyal. His...

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