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  1. Hyperion

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    My end goal here was sales, but being successful at that may require a great deal of personal development if one is not a natural in this area. Thanks for your reply and insights.
  2. Hyperion

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    Thanks for all your replies. It sounds like the general consensus is that the book is mostly just motivational hype with the exception of those stuck in analysis paralysis. In this case though (as is the case with me), one probably has all the information and education needed to get started due...
  3. Hyperion

    Resources for idea generation

    Are you referring to the nichhacks website as an example of a "research website" that could be value skewed or as a guide to actually follow (i.e. actually work through the information, create blogs or websites, etc.)? Thanks by the way.
  4. Hyperion

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    Thanks for your insights. I kind of feel the same way about it. When I looked at my goals, and then 10x'd them it was extremely overwhelming and put my into mental paralysis. The idea of 3x or maybe even 2x seems more reasonable/sustainable. I think that if most people were to truly 10x...
  5. Hyperion

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    I recently finished listening to The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone audio book. I like his passion and drive, but his advice almost seems reckless to me. He suggests to just take action and worry about the details later. While I agree that taking action is a good thing, it seems like lack of some...
  6. Hyperion

    INTRO From Indecision to Commitment

    Welcome Aaron! Your intro really resonated with me. I also obtained a degree in mechical engineering due to my love for inventing and creating. I also discovered that the wealth potential for an engineer employee was not as great as I previously thought. I identified strongly with being frozen...
  7. Hyperion

    How do you guys come up with a viable business idea ?

    The thing that has helped me to think of ideas is to change my thinking from 'business ideas' to just helping others. When I look around and see the things people struggle with while not thinking about it as a way to make money or build a sustainable business, ideas flow more easily. You can...
  8. Hyperion

    GOLD! A physicist's guide to learning hard things (and using the scientific method)

    This is awesome! I'm one of those people who spend too much time trying to learn via books, videos, etc. Anyone with action paralysis needs to read this and just start, even if it's something small (positive feedback loop). Yes, I am talking to myself. Thanks a lot for this info. Very helpful.
  9. Hyperion

    Resources for idea generation

    Thanks for the insight!
  10. Hyperion

    Has anyone overcome "Competent Self Destruction" as described in Unscripted?

    Thanks a lot for posting this! What you're saying makes sense. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your wisdom. I'll work on just accepting the self-doubt and moving forward regardless. I hope some day, after getting through this, I'll have the wisdom to help someone overcome this...
  11. Hyperion

    INTRO Trying to unshackle these chains

    Welcome NK! There's a lot of good information here. I share a lot of similar feelings about living life that you do. Unfortunately, I gave up on it when I was younger do to lack of confidence and direction, and am now back in pursuit of entrepreneurship. Persist through the tough times and I'm...
  12. Hyperion

    INTRO David

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you find what you're looking for here. There's a lot of great information and help.
  13. Hyperion


    Finished Unscripted this morning. Excellent content. This is definitely a must read! Thanks MJ!
  14. Hyperion

    Has anyone overcome "Competent Self Destruction" as described in Unscripted?

    In Part 5 in the book "Unscripted" MJ talks about the 5 unions, or ingredients in order to succeed in the fastlane. I identified strongly with lacking the ingredient of competent self destruction. Has anyone else faced this hurdle and overcome it? Do others out there also identify with this?
  15. Hyperion

    INTRO Luis-happy to join you

    Welcome Lu43! I hope this forum serves to help you realize your goals. Never give up!
  16. Hyperion

    INTRO hi my name is Trun.

    Welcome trun! I'm new here too hoping to learn all I can as well as provide as much value as I can. I hope you the best on you journey.
  17. Hyperion

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book and currently reading Unscripted. Amazing content. Thanks MJ!
  18. Hyperion

    INTRO Hyperion

    MJ, I just got through the Fastlane Entrepreneurship (FE) section of "Unscripted". I guess it would have been good to read this before posing the question. It still feels like a rather daunting task since I've never done anything like this before and my mindset has shifted from consumer to...
  19. Hyperion

    INTRO Hyperion

    Thanks for the straight feedback. I always tend to overcomplicate things.
  20. Hyperion

    Resources for idea generation

    Yeah, that makes sense. I'm not necessarily looking to build a business around blogging or affiliate marketing. Just looking in general. I just feel paralyzed in that I might end up wasting a lot of time, energy, and money doing something that just flops. I have a hard time committing to...

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