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  1. castr131

    INTRO The FASTLANE and the Greenhouse

    Welcome, glad to have you here! Great introduction.
  2. castr131

    GOLD! Save Yourself Years Of Frustration; It Worked For Me!

    This is a method I use often, it's not something I studied, just what I figured out on my own through lots of interactions with people. However, I wouldn't consider myself a master on it. I'd definitely take a look at your write-up.
  3. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    Exactly. There's science behind this as people look to Instagram for instant-gratification. If you can figure out a way to make people's eyes light up when they see your photos, then you've got a page capable of pulling in thousands of followers. The thing is, this might not be your intention...
  4. castr131

    INTRO Hello From New York

    Welcome to the Forum! It's great to hear that you are so young, you have lot's of time to figure things out. You must realize that "getting into the fastlane" isn't something that you can do easily, so if you reach 18 and you aren't "living the fastlane lifestyle" yet don't be discouraged...
  5. castr131

    WEB SCHOOL The New Web Design Sub Forum (Intro Post)

    This is a great idea! As someone who is progressively picking up on the fundamentals of web design, this will be a place I visit often to share new ideas.
  6. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    If you find yourself constantly trying to block auto-comments on photos then you will come to find yourself HATING Instagram a lot more. Especially when your accounts grows bigger there will be a point where the comment section can become too much to constantly monitor. I would agree on deleting...
  7. castr131

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Eye-opening. Thanks for writing such an amazing - no B.S. - book MJ. I certainly enjoyed reading (and listening) to it. It's one of those books you put into your most prized-possessions category. After gaining so much value from reading it, you have allowed me to opportunity to provide value to...
  8. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    Yeah I would definitely do some research on that when possible. I only ever used a scheduling application once but that was a long time ago and it wouldn't actually post for me and when I contacted the help desk they stated that it was against Instagram TOS at the time. Maybe that has changed...
  9. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    I've only ever used an automated post scheduler like buffer once before, but, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to do this. That's as "automated" as it's allowed to be. Posting the photo, caption, hashtags, etc. for you would be against Instagram TOS. Therefore it only fills everything in for you...
  10. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    There is no defined tool that can tell you if an account is a bot or not, you must determine that for yourself by doing investigative work. Instagram has algorithms in place that can detect if an account is portraying bot-like activity(Mass following/unfollowing users, mass commenting, etc.) ...
  11. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    From what I've heard, the goal of like bots is not to follow you, but for you to follow them, so I wouldn't worry too much about like bots following you back. I would also unfollow those that don't follow back after some time. It is recommended that you only use about 15-20 hashtags in your...
  12. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    Yes, bots can auto like but I feel as if it's less rare if you follow accounts that seem real(have a profile pic, selfie, etc.). Although, I feel as if no matter what you do, bots will never be completely avoidable. If you insist, you could follow accounts that engage through comments as it...
  13. castr131

    EXECUTION Adventures of an Instagram newbie

    Not quite a follow "tool", but more of a method that I have used for my Instagram account. Search for an Instagram page that has more followers than you(that relates to your niche!) Go to their POST, click on likes, and it should show you a list of everyone who liked their photo. Follow the...
  14. castr131

    INTRO MJ.. Bro

    Congratulations on finding a new vision for life and welcome to the forums! Best of luck.
  15. castr131

    INTRO Hello FastLaners! Here's the short version of my story.

    Welcome to the forum! Perfect example of being able to turn your life around, regardless of how "late" you think you are.
  16. castr131

    INTRO Hi!

    Welcome, anyone has the ability to achieve what they want regardless of age.
  17. castr131

    INTRO 18 Year old full time student with big ambitions

    Hello @Dylan in Africa, Thanks for the welcome, compliments, and great advice! In regards to what I have studied in my CS courses thus far, my curriculum is based on C++. What I've learned so far; OOP, Linked List, Classes, Objects, Pointers, Recursion, and Loops to name a few. What's left to...
  18. castr131

    INTRO 18 Year old full time student with big ambitions

    Hello Fastlane Forum, About me: I have been around the forum for about a week now, and have finally decided it's time to introduce myself. I view this forum as a group of mentors who are genuinely interested in providing value to others. Quick thanks to @MJ DeMarco for creating such a valuable...

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