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    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    Some Good news !! may be we are near to finding a vaccine . Finger crossed !! View:
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    Getting a slowlane job VS starting right away

    check out this link created by MJ - Get Help Making Tough Decisions
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    O/T: HEALTH Ideas to control Covid-19

    Hi All , I have been reading a lot about Corona Virus these days . What I have found that it spreads through : - If an infected person sneezes,coughs near you and you inhale the droplets coming from infected person. -If an infected person touched a surface and then you touched the same surface...
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    Osho and the paradox of practice

    Osho himself said he is a Rich Man's Guru . Here a small portion of interview (listen to it at 1.25x speed). View: He used to call himself Buddha the Zorba . Problem with his preaching(in my opinion) though is it never takes you to end. I mean as...
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    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    reminds me of pic from Italy on 25 Feb 2020 when no one was taking government instruction seriously .
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    INTRO From Italy with passion: Am I really going to success?

    Praying for Italy my friend. Please keep safe.Been hearing terrible news coming from Italy on daily basis. I think its a good time for you to read books(please check book recommendations thread on the forum),read all the gold threads,notable threads on the forum they are worth millions of...
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    Is being a Yoga Teacher fastlane?

    Yoga is definitely needed for students,adults,office drones coping with problems,anxiety,tension of daily life. It can be turned into fas-tlane . However dont teach in 5-10 KM areas you live in . Try to reach more audience .
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    GOLD! One Trick Pony

    Few beautiful quotes on this topic: "Concentrate your energy, thought and capital exclusively upon the business in which you are engaged... 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket' is all wrong. I tell you 'put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket.'" ~ Andrew Carnegie...
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    'Parasite' won the Oscar for "Best Picture." I couldn't be more disgusted.

    The movie is quite deep .I liked it in parts : - In most part you will see the rich guy going up using stairs or elevator . While the poor guy/family going down .A good allegory . - Poor guy live in dark/damp places while rich live in shiny/sunlit places . - In a way the rich family is the...

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