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  1. Striver

    HOT TOPIC Business Ideas for the (emerging) stay-at-home Economy?

    I have a 206 inch screen made from a tarp and PVC tubing. Works perfectly. Thinking of expanding it to 276 inches this year.
  2. Striver

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    How do you ONLY infect the young?
  3. Striver

    OFF-TOPIC Price Gouger Is Left with Thousands of Products!

    All of this is no different (probably actually LESS immoral) than the big drug companies and hospitals marking their products up so high that certain folk can't afford it. :(
  4. Striver

    Is Chinese Cheap Labor a Myth?

    2 weeks ago, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a robot poured and handed to me a draft beer. I was impressed! Needless to say, there was a long line at this booth! haha
  5. Striver

    HOT TOPIC Where are all the Mobile Home Park Investors?

    Running out of tax shelter? What's that mean?
  6. Striver

    NOTABLE! I just sold my first eCommerce business (FU money!)

    It does. It one of the reasons the resell multiplier is nowhere near what other business types bring in.
  7. Striver

    A-M-A US-Based Taxes/Business Formation (CPA)

    Or even $20/hr (which I doubt anyone makes for just stuffing envelopes). Still a drop in the bucket compared to the total profit.
  8. Striver

    NOTABLE! How to Buy A McLaren for $20K

    Jesus. How are you driving that your tires only last that long?! haha Congrats, Biophase! Great logic.
  9. Striver

    EXECUTION £150,000/week to £700,000/week

    Networking is grossly underrated!
  10. Striver

    EXECUTION £150,000/week to £700,000/week

    It appears you missed the second set of numbers...
  11. Striver

    A-M-A US-Based Taxes/Business Formation (CPA)

    Do you have any knowledge of audits or problems regarding this aspect? Or maybe even advice on what might be reasonable. I'll use an old ebay side-business of mine as an example... Used to make $200 profit a day, with 1 hour of time put into packing and shipping. Yearly profit = $73,000. My...
  12. Striver

    HOT TOPIC How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    Okay, thanks for the explanation. So, if you had the cash, it does seem like the better way to do it. (If it's as simple as the example the guy showed year after year.) More profit in the end.
  13. Striver

    Home Office deduction for rental income. How are you guys doing it? If at all...

    Thanks! Yeah, after reading for two straight days on the matter, it then dawned on me that we would never be able to "out deduct" the difference for the SE tax anyway. Regarding the passivity, though, we have definitely deducted the home office in the past. Looking back, I don't think we...
  14. Striver

    Home Office deduction for rental income. How are you guys doing it? If at all...

    Well, it looks like I would then have to pay self-employment tax (15.2%), which would greatly offset my lowly home office deductions. Hmmm...
  15. Striver

    Home Office deduction for rental income. How are you guys doing it? If at all...

    Since the IRS views this as passive income, you don't get to deduct a home office. Can I just put all the income on the Schedule C, instead of the Schedule E? A lot of property upkeep and office work goes into this, so it's not passive at all. According to the IRS publications I've read, it...
  16. Striver

    HOT TOPIC How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    Is there any way you can explain it a little more? At first you agree with him, but then you recommend using a different method than what he seemed to be making look like the better one. If that makes sense lol

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