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    Steal invention idea, not patented

    Thanks all for your input. I was also considering something too. Patreon recently started a merch division. This would actually fit quite nicely. There is a lot of possible overlap with the community as well. It will be interesting how this may or may not work out, but a good learning...
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    Steal invention idea, not patented

    The product originates from Japan. It is available from a company that sells other products. It is distributed via Rakuten. For example, let's say it is a takoyaki maker and only one company makes them in Japan. They are not patented in Japan or the US. I now want to sell takoyaki makers to...
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    Steal invention idea, not patented

    Thanks for the input. I don't want to be like Edison. That would really suck. I read the story of Tesla and it was really sad. The invention is the mechanism itself. In its raw form, it doesn't do much and will not gain traction. Some more manufacturing and a slight redesign must be redone...
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    I read this book too in addition to TMF. Fantastic read. I got the electronic version. For TMF I have the electronic digital version and the paperback version too. It is great. I think the other one has the thing updated for cryptocurrency.
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read the book, first one and second one. Both are great. The writing quality is great. I hope to leave the sidwalk and slowlane soon.
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    Steal invention idea, not patented

    Was hoping to get your input on this. I stumbled upon an invention that is produced overseas (Asia). Its design is simple, but it is unique and therefore patentable (is that even a word lol?). The thing is I am not the inventor. I checked and it doesn't seem to be patented in the US or Canada...
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    INTRO New to TFF, sidewalk to fastlane

    Hey there. I am princesscrystal. New to these parts. I have finished both books. It's now just what, but how. It has a great message, but you can tell that MJ is a great writer. He has an excellent style. I normally find this in people who have already been writing for a number of years. I hope...

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