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    WEB/DIGITAL Building Virtual Real Estate

    Many of you older forum members will remember my earlier attempt at development of an online property. I think I learned some things from that failure and am now in the process of attempting to create something online again. (someday if I get time I can detail where my mistakes were) This...
  2. K

    OFF-TOPIC Vote for Kidgas

    Don't know if this violates the decorum of the forum (and if so, please delete). However, I have been active on Hubpages for the last 6 weeks writing articles and observing the internet mantra of "Content is King". It has been an incredible learning experience, and I have even earned a few...
  3. K

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day Weekend. First and foremost, remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice that we may enjoy our freedoms. As we all know, freedom is never free. Enjoy time with family and friends. Here in Indiana, the weather is turning nice. Winter is long...
  4. K

    China setting auto sales records...

    Interesting brief article: Hellenic Shipping News - Worldwide Online Daily Newspaper on Hellenic and International Shipping I will look around later for supporting info.
  5. K

    For all you pessimistic investors out there

    Ok, here is a good article that brings up some very important points regarding stock investing in today's climate. I especially want to point out the comment on deflation. The bottom line whether we are in an inflationary or deflationary period, whether or currency is weak or strong, is the...
  6. K

    O/T: FUNNY A cure for the financial crisis...

    Funny, but true
  7. K

    The Death of Equities

    Interesting article: Bill Gross, the $747 billion bond man, declares the death of equities - Daily Finance I am not quite sure what to think, yet.
  8. K

    OFF-TOPIC Criss Angel

    I'm here in Las Vegas with my son who is competing in a gymnastics competition tomorrow. We went to a magic show and saw Criss Angel in the audience. Took a picture of him with my son. Too cool. Plus it was 70 and sunny. I was in a short sleeve shirt. Left Indy this morning at 5 below...
  9. K

    Gold-Oil Ratio

    I found this link: Kitco - Commentaries - John Lee, CFA Note especially the chart on the gold-oil ratio. I agree that it might be wise to start going long oil. I am looking at the integrated oil companies and am likely to begin taking a position that exposes me to oil soon (as in January)...
  10. K

    Something to think about...

    Total market cap for the S & P 500 is approximately 8.3 trillion which represents about 70-75% of NYSE market cap. Total foreign currency reserves of China is just over 1.9 trillion. To think that China could purchase almost 17% of NYSE companies is mind boggling. Not that Congress would...
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    Dang, it's getting cold out there!

    Nickolai Kondratieff (1892-1938) was a Russian economist who theorized that capitalist economies underwent long waves of boom and bust cycles. A complete revolution would last about 50-60 years. Kondratieff based his theory on a study of prices and interest rates from 1789-1926. He felt that...
  12. K

    On the Fed, Treasury, Banking system

    A long, but interesting, read on the Fed, US Treasury, and banking system: Kitco - Commentaries - Tom Szabo I learned quite a bit.
  13. K

    Trouble getting physical gold and silver?

    I have not tried to purchase physical gold and silver for a few years now, but looking at the metals dealers online, eg and, I am noticing a paucity of inventory for sale. American silver eagles seem almost nowhere to be found. Is anybody else noticing this or have any...
  14. K

    WEB/DIGITAL poll

    Please vote on this poll and comment as well. Thanks. For an ad-free social networking experience, with the opportunity to give to charity and the chance to win prizes I would be willing to pay: 1. What a dumb idea! Would not join for anything. 2. Nothing, but would join for free. 3. Up...
  15. K

    WEB/DIGITAL New Website:

    I have been working with Tom at to create a new website. I am not sure how much detail I can provide without violating the spirit and rules of this forum, since it is a commercial venture. I will say that I am looking for people who might be interested in helping to advance...
  16. K

    WEB/DIGITAL Question for MJ, Tom, or others with experience

    I have an idea for a forum like this (but totally unrelated topic). My questions are: How much did it cost to get up and running? As you may know, I recently started a blog and haven't spent anything yet but time. I don't want to put a lot of money into it but plan to use blogging revenues...
  17. K

    WEB/DIGITAL Welcome to the Internet, Kidgas.

    Well, I started a blog and am starting to learn about posting original content on the web. I think I also got Google AdSense up and running on the blog as well. It seems this old dog can learn a new trick or two. Sorry that I haven't been posting here much but I have been very busy. It will be...
  18. K

    Net Worth

    Don't know if this is the right category...but here goes: Just finished calculating the end of 3rd quarter net worth and it was up over 23%. My goal for the next quarter will be to repeat that performance. The plan will be as follows: Of the needed increase: Over half can be obtained by...
  19. K

    Book Review: Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van K Tharp

    Part I Dr. Tharp is essentially a “trading coachâ€. Much like Tiger has a swing coach, traders have coaches as well. So far, I think this is an excellent book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his/her trading game. The book is divided into 4 parts. This review will...
  20. K

    How I minimize risk...

    There was a suggestion on the One Trick Pony thread about starting a new thread about controlling risk. I thought I would give a few personal examples to get the ball rolling. In general, there are several ways to minimize risk. 1. One Trick Pony aka focus. Warren Buffet believes that you...

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