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  1. Bengaly


    i'am on it by apple books (62 percent).
  2. Bengaly


    hello,everybody! I'm 17 i think that i am among the youngers ; nonetheless i will be very pleased if you can give me some advices among your owns experiences ; i want to exploit my age advantage i'm not the kind of boy who like being among -the majority-(if you see what i mean). Looking forward...
  3. Bengaly

    INTRO Want to do good things

    I see myself rooling among United states’s streets ; Young economically independent , Managing many kinds of business . Here i’m in the step where i ask myself “how can you left the system? How can you avoid doing 5years of studies and finish as an entreprise employee ?”
  4. Bengaly

    INTRO Want to do good things

    Hello! I’m an 17 American living now in Morocco for studies . I’ve pasted my whole life in Mali so my main language is french.I hope i will learn a lot from this forum and from all the members.I’m really decide to go ahead so If you have any advises to give me don’t hesitate! Ps: sorry for my...

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