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    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Also, if someone has any recommendations that aren't too "main-streamy" about human psychology, interpersonal communication, metaphysics and the human side of business, would you please post your list and tag me in your reply?
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    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    I'm currently reading several books at once. I think books can be a lot like music: sometimes I'm in the mood for one genre, and sometimes I'm in the mood for another. My List The Unfair Advantage by Duane Lakin Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute...
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    Closing Business ... now what?

    There's no shame in letting someone fund your dreams. Having an employer now doesn't mean you'll need to have one forever. There's a lesson in ALL of your experiences. The world is ALWAYS working in your favor. The universe doesn't give you what you don't want; it can only give you what you...
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    Changing Your Name

    Yes! This is something I've been considering too. I have all the paperwork I need to go through with it. I wrote and launched my first book earlier this year, and it made sense to do it then when I published. You can change your name as often as you'd like. It's not like it's permanent; I'd...
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    OFF-TOPIC I don't need to be rich anymore: Lamborghini vs Farm Truck

    Do we have audio of the lambo driver's excuses for his reasons for his loss?
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    INTRO Soul searching

    Glad to have you around, friend. There are lots of great individuals on this website.
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    LANDFILL Who here is actually a millionaire?

    This is what slightly concerns me about the advice I am seeking. When I am looking for business books, or books about finances, I'd heavily prefer if my advice came from people who walked the talk.
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    Unscripted Envy

    Others are intimidated by your business because you are disrupting the market?
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    Want more sales? Spend 18 minutes watching this.

    Thank you for posting this video.
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    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Internal Locus |||||||||||||||| 70% External Locus |||||| 30%
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    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    I'd say if you've been expereicneing repetitive results that there's something you're not quite addressing. My first impression would be that perhaps you are not communicating the message in a way that is being interpreted correctly by the designer/team. Certainly, a great designer would ask...
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    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    Take responsibility for your results. Looks to me like you're looking for someone else to blame for the outcomes of your creative projects.
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    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    I hypothesize that you believe you're getting inferior creative results because you haven't been clear about your vision with the designers and/ or have an issue communicating your vision. I design graphics and this is the disconnect that I usually encounter with my clients: your idea in your...
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    MEETUPS Minnesota mastermind group

    I'm interested in this idea. Please keep me informed! Thank you:)
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    Freelancing and being well paid for it can be Action Faking too

    Where is it that you're going? Would you enlighten me about your goals?
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    Places for self publishing ebooks?

    I recently self-published my first book. It released March 25, and launched April 24, 2018. I published through Amazon KDP. Where you publish is completely up to you; as stated in a previous reply, research helps this process. Good luck!
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    Intentionally Changing Your Mindset

    Absolutely! I think one of the greatest, quickest, and easiest ways to change your perspective/mindset is to read every day. I read over 700 pages each week, which is 2-3 books. All non-fiction. I've noticed that it doesn't take much to revolutionize my perspective. Sometimes I'll read...
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    Finished reading Unscripted today! Thank you for existing, MJ!

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