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    How to do market research / test idea if no established market?

    In MJ's book, one of his points is if you are annoyed by something / wish something existed / wished it was easier, most likely other people do too. I wish there were energy efficient, green homes available in any price range. In my city, most are $750k+ and only available to those who can...
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    Does this new opportunity meet NECST?

    Hi all, long time no talk with most of you. Very quick background – I’ve been in real estate for the past 8 years (5 in development, 2 in asset management) and for the past 8 months I’ve been working for an apartment investment firm and I’m one of two individuals responsible for presenting...
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    Demographics blew me away

    I've been thinking for a while about the changing demographics in the US and then was sitting at a meeting yesterday when some demographic numbers were mentioned. One was that the number of people living in my state over 65 years old is 677,270 as of 2010. That number is expected to grow to...
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    HOT TOPIC Google buys Groupon for $2.5 billion

    Talk about Fastlane...Groupon was founded in November 2008.
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    REAL ESTATE Buying a 4 plex

    Hi everyone, I hope this finds everyone on the board doing well. I've been gone for some time. Wanted to let everyone know what I'm up to these days. I'm in the process of locating and buying a 4 plex to live in. My market is severely undersupplied and after a lot of study I think...
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    GREAT videos

    Some of the best I've ever seen. He doesn't agree with scaling, but Vaynerchuck video alone is worth the price of admission. (Which is free btw) The 7 Keynote MBA: How to Save 2 Years and $100,000
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    OFF-TOPIC Why have all the top posters disappeared?

    Anyone know the whereabouts of ATW, Yves, SteveO, phlgirl, RealOG, kimberland and many of the other top posters on the site? I haven't seen posts from any of them in quite some time.
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    REAL ESTATE Potential rehab deal - please help evaluate

    Hi all, I came across a listing on craigslist today and called the owner. Its a gutted home listed for $32,500. The owner bought it as a foreclosure and was prepared to do the rehab, but cut himself too thin on the 2 other deals that he is working on and claims not to have the funds to take...
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    My PLAN - next step? (LONG)

    Hi all, I’ve made some huge life changes over the past 4 months and now I’m in a new city with an updated plan. I wanted to post it here to get feedback, comments, critiques or anything else the great minds here might want to provide. Since I know someone (probably Russ or ATW!) will...
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    NOTABLE! How do I find a Mentor?

    Hi all, I'm meeting with one of the best real estate developers in my city for lunch this week. He has developed some of the nicest residential buildings in my city and I have been following his work (and been a fan) for some time. I "met" him a couple of years ago when he was looking for a...
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    OFF-TOPIC Am I being a bad family member or doing the right thing for me?

    I was supposed to drive 5 hours today to head to my hometown to spend a few days with my family over Xmas. I really have no desire to go. I’m wondering if this is terrible of me to call my family and just say I’m not coming? I relocated across the country 8 weeks ago, and since, have...
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    REAL ESTATE Lonnie deal then no first time home buyer status?

    Anyone know if I do a "Lonnie Deal" and buy/sell a mobile home and finance the sale, if that would remove my first time home buyer status? My wife and I are going to buy a home this year and I want to make sure this doesn't disqualify us from an FHA loan (3% down) or other first time home...
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    REAL ESTATE Rent vs Buy analysis by market

    I read this article and would love to hear opinions on the analysis. Maybe its 4pm and my brain is slow, but this seems to be saying it would make sense (simply based on this analysis - other factors notwithstanding) to buy apartment buildings in Miami, Portland and Austin (because of the much...
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    Economic trend resources

    I think this may have already been discussed in another thread, so please forgive me if it has (I couldn’t find it in the search…) I’m wondering what websites, magazines, newsletters and economic indicators you look at on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? I’m trying to improve my...
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    HOT TOPIC Are the property owners from this site in trouble?

    Things around the board have been pretty quiet lately as far as real estate goes. I'm wondering if some of the most successful people on this site who own substantial amounts of property (SteveO, RussH, GLC56, etc) are having major issues with their holdings? I'm certainly not saying this to...
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    Plan debate - which one would you choose?

    A question arose last night when I friend and I were discussing plans with each other. I thought this would be the perfect forum to post the basis of the debate and see what everyone here thinks. A few assumptions we decided on for arguments sake: 1) Money is tight on a day-to-day basis; lots...
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    Bank selection

    I moved to a new city and have been trying to locate a new bank. After a terrible relationship with BoA, I've decided it makes sense to find a small, local bank or credit union that offers all of the typical features, plus home mortgages, equity lines, business loans, construction loans, etc...
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    Leaving a job at a company I love - how to give notice?

    So I need some advice… As I mentioned before, my wife and I have decided to leave SF and move back to the Midwest. I’ve worked in a small firm with only 5 people in it for the past 5 years. These guys have given me some great opportunities and I have options after spending my time...
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    Steve O

    Anyone heard from SteveO lately? He used to contribute a ton to this board, and I know he's probably dealing with property issues right now, but I just thought about him and hoped he was okay.
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    The Happiest Occupations

    I bet our little group here would agree...:groove: The Happiest Occupations -

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