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  1. Connor_Motivasis

    Does "Cold Emailing" Work? What are my Options

    Thank you very much for the detailed response. I'm focused on B2B so its good to hear it works. Knowing that it just takes time and learning makes it a bit easier to persist through the rejection. I'll have to give cold calls a try.
  2. Connor_Motivasis

    Does "Cold Emailing" Work? What are my Options

    Just as the title says, I'm curious about forum-goers thoughts about cold emails and their effectiveness. Currently, I'm looking for a way to fill up my freelance pipeline. I've been a web developer for around 6 years and have a senior level dev on my team with twice that experience. Upwork is...
  3. Connor_Motivasis

    Help Making Use of Unused Skillset

    Added a link to it. Definitely, any feedback on that would help as well. Right now it's meant to be focused on UX/UI design.
  4. Connor_Motivasis

    Help Making Use of Unused Skillset

    My problem is basically as the title describes. I'm a web developer and designer with about 5 years of experience, but I've got a bit of a problem finding opportunities to use these skills. I get some freelance work here and there, and it pays very well, but it's extremely inconsistent and I...
  5. Connor_Motivasis

    Outreach Software

    Howdy forum-goers, I've got an idea that I need some feedback on. It's a product I'm looking to create that assists in marketing outreach. First, I'm curious what (if any) software you use to help with affiliate marketing? I use Semrush, KWfinder, and BuzzStream personally. My problem right now...
  6. Connor_Motivasis

    Finding Freelance Work

    I'm curious what you guys have found to be the best way to consistently get freelance work, and specifically how to get started. I was thinking of trying to go local first. Do cold calls still work, or would I be better off putting my time and effort elsewhere? The type of work I'm looking to...
  7. Connor_Motivasis

    Should I just goto Kickstarter?

    Apps don't do super well on Kickstarter, for the most part. You can always try, it doesn't hurt but just know you're hamstrung from the start.
  8. Connor_Motivasis

    HOT TOPIC The science of making habits stick

    This is gonna sound weird, but carry around a dog clicker. As soon as you complete a task *Click*. This will associate that dopamine response of completing a task with the click, strengthening the connection each time. If you don't want to buy a clicker just snap or tap your shoulder twice (I...
  9. Connor_Motivasis

    Properly Executing a Soft Proof

    Sorry to hear you missed that opportunity, but pretty awesome that you were able to see the potential and it sounds like you and your friend learned from it. I'll give the in-person method a try, sounds like a good way to get very honest answers.
  10. Connor_Motivasis

    Properly Executing a Soft Proof

    The competition for the grander "Motivation App" is pretty heavy and they do REALLY well, but the solutions currently available are very poorly executed and have a lot of complaints from users. Complains I believe I can remedy. Although the niche I'm targeting is the "Skinny Fat" population to...
  11. Connor_Motivasis

    Properly Executing a Soft Proof

    I have an app/course idea that targets a specific niche within the fitness industry. The idea feels solid and solves a problem that I see people complaining about all the time, but of course, I don't want to put weeks of work into the production of a concept that I haven't even gotten basic...
  12. Connor_Motivasis

    Thoughts on doing difficult things

    My main focus for the past two months has been building and breaking habits. As a result, I've tested a lot of different strategies and tools to help form the best possible routines for success. Recently I've started doing tasks I dislike in the mornings for the sole purpose of overcoming...
  13. Connor_Motivasis

    Changing direction, need a second opinion

    It sounds like a better option would be to find freelance work that isn't direct hire based. Programming is one of the few jobs where self-employment is relatively easy (Not to say its super easy, but compared to other fields). Using online networks like Upwork and Fiverr can make you a good...
  14. Connor_Motivasis

    Learning code & become a developer

    I self-taught both front and backend web development and in my experience the best method to learn fast is to get the basics through online resources (IE code academy, youtube, and courses). Get HTML, CSS, and Javascript down, in that order most likely. Then start creating. Copy people. Mimic...
  15. Connor_Motivasis

    Trouble Breaking Wasteful Habits

    Thanks for the tip. Do you know of any specific child locks that I could look at?
  16. Connor_Motivasis

    Trouble Breaking Wasteful Habits

    Recently I've come to the conclusion that I suck a$$ at making good habits, or at least I have been thus far. Largely because I didn't understand why habits are so important. To correct this, I've started focusing on habit forming, and more pertenaint to this post, breaking bad habits...
  17. Connor_Motivasis

    RANT Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    This is a great rant. It brings up a lot of cool points that I hadn't considered. In terms of college, jt seems that if you're smart about your education and don't get into massive debt for it (ie go to community college for prerecs and try to get scholarships) than the process of sticking with...
  18. Connor_Motivasis

    Best Method to Test the Waters

    The idea is a SAAS website and it's in the social media market. Currently, I'm just sending emails to people that the product may help. Mostly to just get feedback. It's free at the moment and I intend to keep the basic version that way. Other than just flat out emailing people what's a good...
  19. Connor_Motivasis

    Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

    I can't speak for all of the posts on this topic, but I can say this thread has stayed pretty far from "woe is me". At least it seems that way to me. To some degree, a little bit of that comes through. It's part of the subject matter after all. As long as no one is expecting special treatment...
  20. Connor_Motivasis

    Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

    This may be a silly question but have you tried different medication types? I know there are quite a few out there. Maybe one of them won't give you that numb feeling? I hated the feeling when I had it, made reality kind of feel fake to some degree.

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