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  1. AlwaysCurious

    OFF-TOPIC Security Threat - Gumblar

    This indead sounds serious. Luckily there are two immediate fixes: 1. Don't use IE at home, there are alternatives. Some (FF, Chrome, Safari, Iron, Opera) are even portable so you don't have to install anything. 2. Don't use Google, try Scroogle - an anatomizing Google search proxy or...
  2. AlwaysCurious

    My little Forex thread

    It is quite embarrassing for me, but I have to admit, that I failed at Forex so far. Now my live account is down by 30% leaving me a little startled because my personal feeling tells me that I learned a lot about it in the last months. But the outcome is not very promising so far. But heads...
  3. AlwaysCurious

    organizational tools

    My tool of choice is Tiddlywiki - a simple but incredible flexible locally stored Wiki. It is self containing, just one html file to backup and synchronize, and it is extensible with hundreds of useful plug-ins. There are several mods of this Wiki to use it as a GTD Tool and I myself have...
  4. AlwaysCurious

    HOT TOPIC Suggestions Thread

    Is there a possibility to see the reputation that I gave together with the corresponding posts? Would be nice...
  5. AlwaysCurious

    OFF-TOPIC Swine Flu ... What's Your Take?

    Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO | don't panic
  6. AlwaysCurious

    Are You Earning a Negative 60% Return on Your Time?

    Re: Negative 60% ROI ...The Introspection of "Friday" Wow, that hit me real hard. Thanks.
  7. AlwaysCurious

    WEB/DIGITAL Forum software

    Take a look here: =45&prods[]=23&x=27&y=6"]ForumMatrix - Compare Them All, though it is difficult to compare such soft factors as maintainability, extensibility, support, ...
  8. AlwaysCurious

    WEB/DIGITAL Examples of Real Estate Websites for Inspiration

    You are right, I indeed found some of the examples in their portfolio. Ah, and they published their pricing model. Thanks for the link!
  9. AlwaysCurious

    WEB/DIGITAL Examples of Real Estate Websites for Inspiration

    Wow, just wow. These examples of 30 Beautiful Real Estate Websites | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine show how professional webdesign can empower your business. There are also nice examples in the comments section below. They don't tell anything about the costs, but from the looks I'd say...
  10. AlwaysCurious

    Entrepreneurs Who Started (Really) Late and Finished Great

    Damn, the comes another excuse: "See? I still have so much time, so let's take it easy"
  11. AlwaysCurious

    HOT TOPIC Would like some opinions on banking stocks

    Also briefly discussed here: Leaked! Bank Stress Test Results! I take it seriously enough to not invest into banking stocks right now.
  12. AlwaysCurious

    O/T: FUNNY The Slowlane Rat Race...

    No pause to verify progress, no adaption of the strategy, changing directions and not focusing on a way to escape,... I hope I'm doing better than this poor one
  13. AlwaysCurious

    After the Vision Board ....

    My take is, that life is not about what you want to have, but rather what you want to be. All achievements on the board should be milestones or personal rewards on your way not the goal itself.
  14. AlwaysCurious

    FOREX signals service that works great for me.. but i have a Q?

    Re: FOREX signals service that works great for me.. but i have a Metatrader has a built in C-like language. With it you can program indicators and strategies (so called Expert Advisors) to fully automate your forex trading. I've got a ton of examples, but none succeeded in backtesting so far...
  15. AlwaysCurious

    Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true (especially in Forex ^^) :birthday:

    Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true (especially in Forex ^^) :birthday:
  16. AlwaysCurious

    FOREX signals service that works great for me.. but i have a Q?

    Re: FOREX signals service that works great for me.. but i have a Talking about some forex services with 95% accuracy sounds like spam in my opinion...
  17. AlwaysCurious

    HOT TOPIC The Active Forex Traders Discussion

    @Carrie, yes, your figures are correct, still I am not wrong :smug2: Last try: There are two different ways to limit risk, first to adapt the position size, second to adapt the stop loss. You correctly explained how to adapt the position with fixed stop loss. I on the other hand tried to...
  18. AlwaysCurious

    OFF-TOPIC Segway + GM = ?

    Hm, a little late for April fools Edit: Oops, it's for real

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