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    Commission only sales job?

    So I have a dilemma - I've been offered a door-to-door sales job but it's commission only? I'll be selling house alarms, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to households. I feel this would be a hard sale as most households would be kitted out with these anyway and would be unlikely to...
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    Any data scientists here?

    Hi everyone, Are there any data scientists here? I'm involved with an early stage start-up called Deepez. The aim of Deepez is to serve the needs of data scientists. We are very much at the problem discovery stage and at this point we are just trying to gain some insight into the day-to-day...
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    Student accommodation idea

    Hi all, So I thought of an idea today that I would love to get your feedback on. The idea came to me after reading a newspaper article on the lack of student accommodation available. The idea is to create an Airbnb-like online platform that links up students with host families who are willing...
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    Pat Flynn's 'Smart Passive Income'

    Does anyone here listen to Pat Flynn's 'Smart Passive Income'? I started listening to it recently and I must say that I do like it. It's just there's almost 400 episodes and I feel it's futile trying to wade my way through them all. Should I try hone my attention on a particular topic and just...
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    INTRO A frustrated and fed up graduate

    Hi everyone! So I'm new here. I don't have a business and I don't have any ideas (at least none that I have had the urge to act on). I'm 24 years old. I have recently graduated with a business degree. Thankfully, I don't have any student debt as I live in Ireland and college fees are very...

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