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  1. Soder

    One of the Greatest Comebacks Ever

    I think it is necessary to fall to the bottom to be stronger, to know ourselves, break down our fears, grow, value life and ultimately be a complete and successful person. Once I read it is good to break and better twice in life. No one wants to go through bad times in life, but unfortunately...
  2. Soder

    Of these two options, which one would you choose?

    Thank you very much @Kak. Another option that I have been doing is to start another online project in the time left by the main project.
  3. Soder

    Of these two options, which one would you choose?

    Of these two options, which one would you choose? 1. Project that you like and pays you just enough to eat and pay the rent and needs almost all your time in an office for the next 3-4 years, where you can have a "normal" life and wait another 2-3 years to have a "better" life. 2. Corporate...
  4. Soder

    Paul Graham's Essays

    I rescue this thread, since I am reading one of the essays and they seem very valuable and very clear, written by a successful person. For example this one:
  5. Soder

    A-M-A Ask Me Anything About App Business (100+ Apps, 10M+ Downloads, 1 Liquidity Event)

    Amazing thread @BrooklynHustle thank you for it. I found a need in a specific field and I am working on a teaching book that covers this need. The point is that a good computer friend who is dedicated to making APPs in his work told me about the possibility of making an APP with this idea...
  6. Soder

    How much time would you spend on a project before leaving it if it doesn't make money?

    There is much talk about effort, learning and adjusting, ... but sometimes it is better to recognize that the project doesn't work and start over. Although each project is different, when do you think this moment comes?
  7. Soder

    GOLD! Let's Talk About Entrepreneurial Depression

    Nature is our best ally, it is impossible to exaggerate its benefits. More and more studies prove it. Prefrontal activity is reduced, decreasing obsessive thoughts Even...
  8. Soder

    GOLD! Let's Talk About Entrepreneurial Depression

    Although I am not very friendly with pills, although they are natural, and I think it is best to attack the root problem (friends, nature, meditation, sport, order your thoughts, put you in the worst case, etc.), I am not against them. That is why I would like to know your opinion, since you...
  9. Soder

    BOOK The reason I don't like Think and Grow Rich...

    Although I knew this book, I thought it would be another typical self-help book. But seeing that it is one of the best sellers in history and that it was written in 1937 I was curious to start reading it. At the moment I have only read few pages, and although there are many things that bring me...
  10. Soder

    GOLD! Let's Talk About Entrepreneurial Depression

    We often hear that falling makes you stronger and in my case it has been that way. For many books that I have read and many close experiences that I have studied, only when you have those sensations in which you have no place to hold on, that you see that the ground moves, when you lose...
  11. Soder

    Can a Fastlane system be created in a month?

    You mean test my idea of the book? You mean it's always better to test? Or you mean is better not waste time and act?
  12. Soder

    Should I rent, go travel, buy a home - or something else? (While building a business)

    It is clear that you want to travel and the decision has already been made by your subconscious, or so it seems. But think about the balance between traveling / working: You can go somewhere and work 100% focus for a while or you can be traveling continuously which will take away the focus of...
  13. Soder

    GOLD! Let's Talk About Entrepreneurial Depression

    This thread is a classic and instant gold. My advice is no different from those of the Stoic and Buddhist classics: 1. Write your thoughts, rationalize your fear. Fear frightens us because it has no form, it is irrational. But if we put ourselves in the worst case, we identify it ex. "If this...
  14. Soder

    Best "Template-Based" Website Builder?

    I have this WordPress theme and I like it a lot, is very easy, configurable and flexible, and support is fast and accurate.
  15. Soder

    EXECUTION Phased or big bang launch

    A few weeks ago I started with my second project. This is certainly technical content of a field that I have detected that there is a need. I will sell digital products, starting with a ebook that I have already advanced the draft. From here I want to create an experience, which includes...
  16. Soder

    Break as a path to success

    Reading the great thread of Carol Jones, "I Built A Worldwide Business From Broke", I realized that there are several successful people who have broken before achieving success. In my environment I know a person who went bankrupt twice and on the internet I even see books in this regard, such...
  17. Soder

    GOLD! I Built A Worldwide Business From Broke.

    Extraordinary story exceptionally told. I don't doubt that a book could be made about it and it would be a success. By the way, I see that it is not strange that the success comes after breaking. In a certain sense I understand that falling to the bottom renews you mentally and makes you much...
  18. Soder

    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    Thread summary: - Brian Suh: Over 35, you don't have a chance. - Several forum users: I got it after 35. - Brian Suh: No, idiots, you are wrong. You are not learning a simple lesson with facts. That is why you will never create a business, because it requires learning thousands of lessons...
  19. Soder

    How To Get Rich by Naval Ravikant (Meaningwave version)

    There are already several naval threads, but it is always good to keep his ideas in mind.
  20. Soder

    Can a Fastlane system be created in a month?

    Good answers. Don't confuse fast with easy, this is explained in TMF. It will never be easy, if not we would all be millionaires. But fast yes, it can be. A first version of one of the most successful business of the forum was created in relatively few hours, with a huge dedication and effort...

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