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    What type of coroporation for an Idependent Contractor?

    I need some help on a personal development. I just passed my boards and I'm currently a certified physician assistant. The plan is to join the Air Force for a few years build some wealth and make some investments. My first problem is that it will take some time to get the Air Force...
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    WEB/DIGITAL The Nissan Leaf Project - Need your help

    Hey Fastlaners, I had an interesting opportunity approach me the other day. I was reading an article about the new Nissan Leaf that will be coming out later this year. I figured I should see if the domain name was available and it was. I now have possession of the domain name...
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    EXECUTION Progress Thread (faq88)

    I finally got started after doing some research over the past few months. Right now I'm using stocks as a method of building capital. I have been heavily invested in SBGI which has seen some good gains the past few months. After reading William O'Neal's book, "How to make money in the stock...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Web hosting Go big or small

    I searched a bit and not sure which way to go. I am looking at starting a web community (forum). My question is will I be ok with a host gator shared business plan (19.95) or do I need to bump it up a few notches to a managed server account ($150)? What does the managment include? Will I...
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    My many hats

    Hello, My name is Mike, I'm a 27 yo graduate student and I currently live in Glendale AZ. I go to Physician Assistant school, which is a career field that allows me to help people and do something that I enjoy. I'm also a 2nd LT in the Army getting my schooling paid for. I was deployed in...

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