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  1. J

    Are you a developer? Please give me your thoughts on this problem

    15+ years Software Engineering. I usually consult my most recent projects, or just google what I am looking for. I have found that knowing the right terminology is more important than snippets. I remember having to google "lua string concatenation operator" a few years ago. I got exactly what I...
  2. J

    INTRO Hi!

    You mention music. I am not sure what that means, but as someone who know very little about music, I find myself spending hours on youtube. From tutorials on how to make music, to covers of popular meme songs, to trying to find something new and unusual to listen to, I spend more time than I...
  3. J

    INTRO Hello, Thank you MJ!

    How to Win Friends and Influence People. Everything you want in life, someone else has. If you can communicate with them better, you will see more and more opportunity around you. Also, if you are reading/listening to a book, and it sucks, put it down and read it later. These days I listen to...
  4. J

    O/T: HEALTH My 11 year old was diagnosed with autism yesterday

    My 8 year old daughter in 2nd grade just received an autism "label" a few months ago, but we had an IEP with the school under early learning delay label since kindergarten, which she repeated once. Having a label only helps you acquire support from the community. We never discuss her label with...
  5. J

    INTRO Reading TMF not sure where to begin

    Reading your story, here is what I see: I see someone with great communication skills from your call center experience, someone is not afraid to talk to strangers. I see someone who is not afraid of hard work or dangerous work. With your wife situation in mind, I see someone who possesses...
  6. J

    Rate me like a paper sheet. [FEEDBACK]

    A wise professor once told me about a man she knew who managed an investment fund. She said he used technical analysis to time buying and selling AFTER the fund had identified assets it wanted to buy or sell. Basically it was like knowing you need toilet paper, and waiting for it to go on sale...
  7. J

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I can see the bade on your profile. Maybe you need to logout and login again or restart your browser to see it on your end. And congratulations on reading the book!
  8. J

    INTRO Hello, Time to Take Action

    Those are hard questions. I am fairly certain that I need to create something of value for the world, probably a business or something with a strong business component. As far as knowledge and wisdom, I have read many of the perennial favorites of the business and self-help community. They...
  9. J


    I have read Unscripted but it was at least a year ago, and to be honest, I didn't read it with the right mindset and have forgotten most of what I read. It is now on my reading list of this year. After recently rereading The Millionaire Fastlane, I want to reread Unscripted and this time really...
  10. J

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book a few times already, most recently over Christmas break when work made me take mandatory vacation time.
  11. J

    INTRO Hello, Time to Take Action

    I have been lurking on the forum for years, learning, learning, learning, but rarely doing. Today I decided to join the forum and get involved. I am sure that I can help others along in their journey to the Fastlane, and possibly find a way for myself in the process. Overcoming fear is a big...

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