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  1. The Racing Driver

    INTRO Anyone from Brazil here? I am!

    Bem-vindo Alexandre! Great to see you doing something to help your country, while striving to create an unscripted life. If you could share a little more background about your currency trading experience, that could help others here at the forum give you some better advice. I really like...
  2. The Racing Driver

    Do you have to be a US citizen to be able to purchase stock?

    Yes, you should be able to. In order to buy US securities as a non-US citizen, you need to fill out a W-8 BEN form and give it to your stock broker.
  3. The Racing Driver

    Learning to Fly

    Yes. I've just submitted my application for a private pilot's license in the UK yesterday. I literally started training from scratch in the middle of June this year, and finished my training and all the skills tests at the beginning of September. It took roughly 2.5 months, but I could have done...
  4. The Racing Driver

    Quitting My Job - What Now?

    Exactly. An employer has already expressed a need for your services, so you're not money-chasing or starting a me-too business in a saturated marketplace. A job could be better for you and you can always leave when it starts holding you back from your entrepreneurial progress.
  5. The Racing Driver

    Quitting My Job - What Now?

    2 months of living expenses seems a bit little to me. Having an income just to look after yourself, can give you a lot of peace of mind and allow you to worry less about making ends meet. What's your job like? If it provides significant capital. You could invest some of that into your...
  6. The Racing Driver

    Which Online Courses Have Provided the Most Value to You?

    I took Custom SEO Strategy: Keyword Research, Audit & Link Building:
  7. The Racing Driver

    A Website About Digital Branding

    Hi @Chris25, these are my opinions for the options you've listed: Option 1: No. This violates the commandment of Control. Option 2: For who? This is very vague. Maybe try and target a niche. Option 3: I've seen quite a few people do this on the subject of "digital marketing", they seem to...
  8. The Racing Driver

    EXECUTION Going from Freelance to E-Commerce

    I'm afraid I haven't made much progress with e-commerce since my last update here. I was waiting for the products to arrive and have been travelling a fair bit too. Existing B2B and retail sales for my Dad's business has fallen a bit, so we really need to make a move on in the online world...
  9. The Racing Driver

    BOOK REVIEW How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis

    Myspace was sold in 2005 for $580 million. If you were one of the co-founders or had significant equity, you'd definitely come out of it very well off. But yes, no-one really knows until they know. So regardless of whether you own 100% or 10%, you don't want to be on the sinking ship. A lot of...
  10. The Racing Driver

    Want to WORRY? Worry about YOU

    Great post. There's so much noise about the upcoming market crash all over the place. It may or may not happen, but only God knows when it will. BTW just curious @Runum, what's that 6MPG monster you raced?
  11. The Racing Driver

    Make $1,000 in 30 Days as a new entrepreneur

    I agree with your point on creating a USP. That goes a long way in helping you sell services. Making it cheaper than others isn't always necessary if the value is better. Just work at making it a no-brainer value proposition, and make sure the economics make sense to hit your goal. In 30 days...
  12. The Racing Driver

    EXECUTION Going from Freelance to E-Commerce

    Ecommerce Site Progress: - Still waiting for the new ecommerce site to get ready. Taking much longer than expected :( But I really feel I need to be prepared with more inventory and professional photography, which I'm not. - I feel it's going to take some time and money before I have a...
  13. The Racing Driver

    EXECUTION Going from Freelance to E-Commerce

    Progress update: Damn it's been nearly a month since I posted here last. This is what I intended to do (and their respective outcomes). - Find some good models and a professional photographer. Arrange a photo shoot ASAP. (The photoshoot hasn't been fixed yet. But I've found a suitable model...
  14. The Racing Driver

    MEETUPS October 2018 Hong Kong / Canton Fair Meetup

    October is going to be a busy month here in Hong Kong and Southern China. There's the HKTDC Electronics Fair from October 13th-16th, and the massive Canton Fair from October 15th to November 4th. Are any fastlaners planning to come by Hong Kong for these events? If anyone's interested, I can...
  15. The Racing Driver

    List of Books Mentioned in Unscripted?

    Here are MJ's recommended reads and some of the books mentioned in Unscripted. I may have missed some, but here's what I found. The ONE Thing - Gary Keller (recommended read) Not Everyone Gets a Trophy - Bruce Tulgan (recommended read) Mindset: The New Psychology of Success - Carol Dweck 59...
  16. The Racing Driver

    The future of the automotive industry

    I think we're going to see a lot more super-fast electric cars on the road, and self-driving cars as well. It's too hard to predict what will happen to individual companies though.
  17. The Racing Driver

    EXECUTION Going from Freelance to E-Commerce

    It’s been a busy few weeks travelling through the desert of desertion. Earlier this month I ran Facebook retargeting ads. Around 400 people visited the site, but I haven't got a single sale yet. After looking into it further, only 3 people added to cart. I don’t know if that really was an...
  18. The Racing Driver

    EXECUTION Going from Freelance to E-Commerce

    Marketing Update: I've collected around 130 new email sign-ups from running the giveaway. I messaged the winners last week, but none of them have even claimed their prize. Which is quite surprising. For the others who signed up, I sent them all a discount code. 45 opened the email, 5 people...
  19. The Racing Driver

    EXECUTION Building A Business To Fund My Dream Of Playing Pro Golf

    Hmm there are some good insights in this thread. I've gotten a few ideas to apply to my racing career. This year I'm racing in Formula 4. Looking to step up to Formula 3 soon. I also race KZ shifter karts every now and then. They're absolutely mental. They do 0-60mph in 3 seconds, and I...
  20. The Racing Driver

    EXECUTION Building A Business To Fund My Dream Of Playing Pro Golf

    I see where you're coming from Diece. While golf is not my type of sport, I'm a racing driver working to become pro. Motorsports draws a lot of similarities, - It's expensive - You need to commit a lot of time to travel, training and racing - Most racing drivers come from rich families. My...

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