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  1. Attila77

    How do I go Fastlane as an Attorney?

    My idea is to specialize. In Hungary there is a guy who calls himself the “Lawyer for Internet businesses”. He speaks on marketing conferences for web entrepreneurs, has a website and shares his free advice for website owners. As no one else does this, he is considered the No 1. guy when it...
  2. Attila77

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Hop-on hop off tourist buses. You pay a small Amount, then you can explore a whole city without long tiresome walking. At the moment I am in Stockholm, Sweden with my brother. Enjoying the city :)
  3. Attila77

    HOT TOPIC Best City/Country in Europe for Online Entrepreneur

    Agree. I am from Budapest. Taxation for limited liability companies (called Kft) is favorable in Hungary. There is also a taxation called "KATA", for solo entrepreneurs. If you just start a business with KATA, and you don't reach 45K yearly, you only pay ~180 USD for tax/month and you are good.
  4. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    You're welcome. I am happy I could helped
  5. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    Thank you Ben! We haven't done it yet. But this is definitely a great way to grow. We could do it with a reliable and enthusiastic partner in the certain country who knows the language, regulations, able to interact with customers on local language, does the marketing, invoices, delivery, etc.
  6. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    Sure, these were my other filters: - Product aspects No matter what the product is or what solution brings to the people, it definitely must work. It has to fulfill what we promise. Or even should work better, I like it more. It's important if we want returning customers. (see my next point...
  7. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    Thanks NMdad, I really appreciate your kind words. It's an ongoing process. It's very important for us to stay humble, and listen to our customers. It doesn't matter how much the profit is. We have to remain the same honest, humble and open guys.
  8. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    Thanks much! Let me tell you how it works in our case: There are 3 ways of income: - new customers - returning customers - existing vendors First 2 are automated. We get new customers through quality blog posts. They find us through Google. Then we heavily rely on our existing customers...
  9. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    Thanks man it's nice to have a Croatian guy here with us too! Let me tell you, Croatia is amazing country!
  10. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    Thanks much for your kind words man! I also realized it's hard to stay on the top, as everyone wants to pass us. This keeps us fighting even stronger.
  11. Attila77

    INTRO Hungry Hungarian brothers :)

    Hi Dear Entrepreneur Friends, Thanks much for having me in these fantastic forum! A little introduction of myself. I am Attila, from Hungary. I have been doing my fastlane business since 2014-2015. It's about selling food supplements online. I am doing this with my twinbrotherm only in our...
  12. Attila77

    HOT TOPIC MONEY SYSTEM - after the exit from several $million Amazon Business

    Hi Scott, Congrats on the exit! With my brother we are still doing our (fastlane) business in Hungary, with an average 700-800K profit yearly. We are planning to exit and sell the business within 2-3 years. So We are about to start investing to the “Paycheck pot” this year with a relatively...

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