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  1. thore

    I worked hard to develop a new project. Now I realized that is a great failure.

    I worked in the last 4 months to develope a new website. I purchased a wp plugin and I coding hard to customizing it. This required a lot of work and a lot of time, and meanwhile, I haven't made any money because I worked every day. Now, I realized that it was a big waste of time. I'm...
  2. thore

    O/T: HEALTH How to gain weight when you're skinny

    Usually most people need to lose weight. I have the opposite problem. I can not fatten. So I decided to write this post to understand if someone had the same problem and how it solved. I'm trying to gain weight. But it's very hard. My standard weight is 49Kg. My maximum was 55Kg, but I hold...
  3. thore

    How to Focus on solutions

    Since I discover Fastlane, I have been inspiring and motivated. That switched my mindset. It's amazing. Ok, I'm yet on the slowlane, but in the last years, I took action more times with different business ideas, and failed more times. I'm learning that fastlane is not only about money, but...
  4. thore

    INTRO Improving myself

    Hi all! After reading the book M. Fastlane, I understood that I walked on the sidewalk for many years like a sleepwalker. I read the book 3 years ago and keep reading it whenever I need inspiration. So, I started to improve my internet-marketing skills. I want to create my own business that...

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