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  1. Soder

    One of the Greatest Comebacks Ever

    I think it is necessary to fall to the bottom to be stronger, to know ourselves, break down our fears, grow, value life and ultimately be a complete and successful person. Once I read it is good to break and better twice in life. No one wants to go through bad times in life, but unfortunately...
  2. Soder

    Of these two options, which one would you choose?

    Of these two options, which one would you choose? 1. Project that you like and pays you just enough to eat and pay the rent and needs almost all your time in an office for the next 3-4 years, where you can have a "normal" life and wait another 2-3 years to have a "better" life. 2. Corporate...
  3. Soder

    How much time would you spend on a project before leaving it if it doesn't make money?

    There is much talk about effort, learning and adjusting, ... but sometimes it is better to recognize that the project doesn't work and start over. Although each project is different, when do you think this moment comes?
  4. Soder

    EXECUTION Phased or big bang launch

    A few weeks ago I started with my second project. This is certainly technical content of a field that I have detected that there is a need. I will sell digital products, starting with a ebook that I have already advanced the draft. From here I want to create an experience, which includes...
  5. Soder

    Break as a path to success

    Reading the great thread of Carol Jones, "I Built A Worldwide Business From Broke", I realized that there are several successful people who have broken before achieving success. In my environment I know a person who went bankrupt twice and on the internet I even see books in this regard, such...
  6. Soder

    Can a Fastlane system be created in a month?

    Normally to create value to people take months or years. I am in this process through an investment fund. But it allows me free time, since the investments are long term and although I am totally focused on it, analyzing, knowing potential clients, marketing, ... the timing in a long term fund...
  7. Soder

    The important thing is not the idea, but the execution

    How many times have we been told that the important thing is the idea? Look at this case: How much information is there about meditation? And how much is free? I'm not advertising this app...
  8. Soder

    Naval - How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)

    Naval Ravikant is a millionaire tech entrepreneur and investor. He includes valuable information on twitter. Maybe he does not say anything new, but he explains it in very valuable pills to remember. He talks about the ideas of leverage, time, freedom, etc. He has a famous thread called...
  9. Soder

    Buy a fast lane?

    I have an opportunity to buy a business. Maybe it is not a good idea, since the best thing is to create a business, not buy it. Having said that, I will comment on the detail to see what you think: This is the business of an old artisan who creates fishing lures with some mechanical machines...
  10. Soder

    How long has it taken for your project to generate income for you to live?

    The right mindset needs to be fixed in the long term, as MJ says it is a multi-year project. I open this thread for us to comment on the years it takes to reach success, to encourage us in the short term to achieve long-term goals.
  11. Soder

    INTRO How to manage a sidewalk/ slowlane environment?

    Hi. For a while now I have been totally focused on the fastlane, as I tell in my presentation: INTRO - In the fastlane, now I need speed up I dedicate all day to my project and to read to improve. Although I see friends from time to time, they continue with the sidewalk or slowlane mentality...
  12. Soder

    INTRO In the fastlane, now I need speed up

    Hi all. I read Millionaire Fastlane and it really changed my life. I have always sought freedom and this book opened my eyes, and that I had studied the useless degree in Business Administration. I have read some posts of this forum and I feel like at home, I really appreciate it since the...

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