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  1. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Hi all, Thought i'd do a wee write up about this crazy journey of what was initially a side hustle stemming from me being a tight arse, to a business which makes more than my job as a BDM for a multi-million dollar engineering firm. It's been a crazy, frustrating, satisfying ride to this point...
  2. AndyNZ

    INTRO Spreading myself too thin. Hi from New Zealand

    Hi guys and gals, My names Andy, i hail from NZ, notable for the All Blacks, Lord of the rings, and Fish 'n chips. Background To give you an idea of timeline, i'm turning 30 later this year. Anyways, all through school i was a super creative person, drawing, sketching, painting, always...

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