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  1. Matt Dassel

    Looking for Connections in Asset Management

    Hi, I've been looking for a few key connections withing the asset management industry to start what I believe can be a promising business. But over the years I have spent all my time developing a working strategy and solving all the problems related to this business. I was alone for quite a...
  2. Matt Dassel

    Strategic Advice Required on How to Scale

    Perhaps nothing else is making me go nuts other than not being able to scale. I've lost some money on a few attempts. But the money I lost, to me, is nothing compared to the reflection that I am being subjected to. Seems like I am missing on an strategic piece in order to get profits that would...
  3. Matt Dassel

    EXECUTION Looking for creators, people ready to launch ideas on platforms like Kickstarter

    Hey, So, if perhaps is any of you a creator, someone with a creative project in mind, a business idea or project that would go for places like Kickstarter, I've been looking for some of you. My team and I have developed a platform for gathering media data from creators with creative ideas and...
  4. Matt Dassel

    MEETUPS Brazil?

    Anyone from Brazil around here? Hope to hear from you.
  5. Matt Dassel

    Getting Information and Market Knowledge

    Hey For some time I wondered what were people's best plan on getting inside information (Not trading information) and the best pieces of ideas from all markets to build products or services? Because world economy can be filled with such dead-end careers and people in the industry will often...
  6. Matt Dassel

    INTRO 23, Growing Trader, Looking for Like Minded People

    Hello I am from Brazil and I go by the name of Matt I have stood in complete confinement myself for the past year (not totally but because it sounded funny). For the sake of changing aggresively the course of my life dropping from a renewed school around here. I just thought Engineering was...

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