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  1. gabeb1920

    Rhetological Fallacies - Ethical in copywriting?

    Just came across an interesting info graphic about rhetological fallacies: Rhetological Fallacies – A list of Logical Fallacies & Rhetorical Devices with examples — Information is Beautiful — Infographics Just a simple list with no detailed explanation but I like the way they give simple...
  2. gabeb1920

    INTRO Introducing Myself (Again)...

    Hi All, Reaching back out to the forum for a chance to get things off my chest and seek some advice. I used to be a fairly active member of the forum and dabbled in a few things as far as starting a business in 2016. Didn't really progress due almost entirely to my own lack of...
  3. gabeb1920

    $20,170 Flip Challange

    Thought Id share this video I just watched. Not fastlane but very much hustle and could lead to some easy side income for those just starting out like me! :) Hope it's useful
  4. gabeb1920

    The Benefit of Being an Early Adopter

    Hi All, I'm just starting on my Fastlane journey even though I have been learning about it for the last few years. I'm currently pursuing web design freelancing as per the quite popular @Fox thread and it's starting to provide a little additional income plus I'm learning a lot about sales, good...
  5. gabeb1920

    Coaching Programs to Accelerate/Kick Start Progress

    @snowbank recently had openings for his Incubator program which I applied for, was accepted before but before I could hustle up the money to enter the group it filled up. :( Now I'm in a situation of having the money and the desire to accelerate my progress towards starting a business without a...
  6. gabeb1920

    Aim for singles or home runs?

    First off this may be a mute point because I am yet to start a business in spite of spending a lot of time learning about the topic. All the same it's still an interesting question: Should I be only aiming for home run business ideas which are going to lead to my ultimate lifestyle or should I...
  7. gabeb1920

    Maintaining IP Ownership as a Contractor

    Ok so I've got an idea which has grown from a need I've identified at my 9-5 job at a public hospital. I've already started contacting other centres and have got a very positive response. I'll be creating reports from an patient record database which is used at around 50 centres around...
  8. gabeb1920

    BOOK How will you measure your life? (Still business related)

    How will you measure your life? by Clayton M. Christensen (not an affiliate link) I've recently been listening to this book. First and foremost I'd define this book as a self-help book as it is mostly about life in general and not specifically entrepreneurship. I did find an interesting point...
  9. gabeb1920

    Pursue Things That Interest You

    Watched this video this morning and it really struck a chord with me. I'm always curious and I love to learn new things. I spend time every day reading books, reading blogs and watching YouTube videos to learn things. So far my life has turned out pretty well but I'm not exactly where I want...
  10. gabeb1920

    Why it's often good to start small

    Derek Sivers' latest blog article just came through my feed and it really hit home to me given my lack of confidence with starting a SaaS business as I talked about here. Here's a link to Derek's blog post. Basically he describes starting as small as possible just...
  11. gabeb1920

    How to take on a big SaaS project when you lack confidence

    I've posted a couple of times before here on the forums and have spent quite a bit of time reading here plus some of the books recommended by MJ however I haven't taken any real action yet. I work a slow-lane job which I'm not in a position to let go currently so I'm looking to start something...
  12. gabeb1920

    Slow and Steady vs Sprints

    Hi All, I have a question regarding working on a business idea while also working a 9-5 job. Is it best to work on the business idea 'slow and steady' by working on it during evenings and weekends or to take time off from the 9-5 and work on it full-time for a few weeks to a month? I've tried...
  13. gabeb1920

    Facebook Webapp Idea

    Hi All, I actually had second thoughts about posting details of the idea. I kinda feel stupid cause I know that the idea on it's own is worth nothing and it's all in the execution. Not sure how to get feedback on the idea though without sharing details. Any ideas? Cheers Gabriel
  14. gabeb1920

    EXECUTION Starting from the bottom but at least I'm starting

    I have no experience with starting a business and am just learning my way around now but I've had a couple of good outcomes this week! And although I haven't made a lot of money and don't really have a solid business plan I still feel like I'm making progress! I earnt my first few dollars...
  15. gabeb1920

    WEB/DIGITAL Should my first business deal be with family?

    I know that most people will reply with a simple 'no' just from the heading but please hear me out. Here is my situation: I live in Sydney Australia working a 9-5 as a system administrator at a local hospital. I've been learning programming on the side for the last few years with plans of...

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