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    I had dinner with a Billionaire

    Well, sorta but I'm counting it! I went to West Baden Springs (Indiana historic hotel beside French Lick) to have dinner with some friends last friday night. One friend is a Urologists, a history buff, who started to tell me the story of this hotel that was built in 1902 & fell into disrepair...
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    A different real estate contract & it's problems

    I have a couple of buildings for sale. I got an offer yesterday for substantially more than I am asking. The buyer wants to have 150k per building (300k total) credited back to his contractor. He included this amount on top of my price, so he is really just borrowing it, but rolling it into the...
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    REAL ESTATE Apartment Financing

    My buildings are financed through a local bank. It's easy to get the loan, and I have a great working relationship. I can buy pretty much whatever building I pick with them, they will tie a new property to an old one. I haven't put up any money down on one for qiute some time. The downside is I...

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