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  1. djs13

    REAL ESTATE Creating a Real Estate Syndicate with Little to No Experience

    I wanted to create a thread where Fastlaners could share their experiences (successes/failures) with creating a real estate syndicate. Since this topic is not written about extensively, I also think it would be wise if we could share the different sources of information we collect regarding...
  2. djs13

    REAL ESTATE What jobs can I leverage for my future business in real estate?

    I'm looking to get a job in real estate in order to springboard myself to becoming a full-time investor within the next 2-3 years. I have a college degree and a small amount of savings. My plan is to begin building capital by working a 9-5 plus flipping single family homes in my spare time. I...
  3. djs13

    I am completely lost

    I remember joining the Fastlane in 2007 and haven't been active for about a year. But I would love input from some old friends. I graduated college in May and things looked to be going pretty well. I won my college's business plan competition, had an awesome remote marketing internship for a...
  4. djs13

    WEB/DIGITAL Lead generation startups, how did you pick your niche?

    I'm playing around with the idea of starting a Lead Generation startup. I think there are some really experienced marketers who I don't want to compete with (like Experian, AppSumo, etc.), but at the same time I'm intrigued by selling leads. Especially like the AppSumo business model, where...
  5. djs13

    WEB/DIGITAL Building a cell phone app

    I'm interested in building a cell phone app and I was wondering if anyone on the fastlane has done something like this could help me. My idea started like this: I was in Fort Lauderdale over spring break and me and my friends had a difficult time finding bars/clubs after we left the one we...
  6. djs13

    REAL ESTATE Has anyone taken an online real estate course to get a license?

    I'm thinking about getting my real estate license this summer. I live in New York and the main requirement other than passing the written examination is to take a 75-hour real estate course approved by the state. I found one at my local community college which starts soon, but my main problem is...
  7. djs13

    What would you go with $150k?

    My friend is a professional poker player and by December he wants to invest $150k which is a portion of his savings. He's at a different period in his life than me, as I am pretty much broke and bootstrapping everything I have to get my internet start-up going but he also works long days at...
  8. djs13

    Has anyone applied to Y Combinator?

    For those who don't know, Y Combinator is a company that invests seed funding in early staged start-ups. They have this pretty interesting program where they choose a decent amount of entrepreneurs and pay their way to live in the Bay Area for three months this summer while the entrepreneurs...
  9. djs13

    Changing my life to get back on the fastlane

    I'm a second year college student and I've had goals to become a successful entrepreneur since the beginning of high school. I've been a member of the Fastlane forums since almost its beginning and I've been finding myself getting off track of my dreams. I go to school in upstate New York and...
  10. djs13

    Is stock trading with low funds foolish?

    I started a thread a few days ago about penny stock investing, but after receiving some advice I'd like to ask a different question. I'm a college student and during the week I work part-time at a golf store. Basically I ring people up but on slow days I literally spend hours on the computer...
  11. djs13

    What do you think of microcap investing?

    I've done a few searches for penny stocks on this forum but I couldn't come up with much. I was wondering why there isn't too much talk on this subject? I've read a few books on microcap investing and the OTCBB/Pink Sheets and I've learned that although many companies are very shady, some...
  12. djs13

    Starting a PC Repair Business

    My college roommate is extremely talented when it comes to repairing computers and he's looking for a way to make some extra cash this summer. I offered to partner with him on a PC Repair Business Venture. I know this is definitely not fastlane, but some extra income for both of us could be...
  13. djs13

    How can I make a solution to an idea into a business?

    I posted a while ago about my intention to start a magazine while leaving out the key details in fear of giving up my idea. But now after a month of complete creativity block, I cannot seem to find how to translate my idea into a tangible business and I need help. My idea came about when I left...
  14. djs13

    Am I insane for entering the magazine (print) industry?

    I've been toying with this idea for the past three months and I've been doing alot of research on the industry to figure out if it's viable. Basically, my idea is to start a magazine in a particular niche that isn't directly being tapped. I've been reading about magazine start-ups and I think...
  15. djs13

    OFF-TOPIC Need some advice from entrepreneuriral minded people!

    I don't have a mastermind group at home, so I'm seeking some help from my fastlane friends since they have the closest mindset to mine. After over two years on this forum, I think I'm making alot of progress in terms of business. But I'm in a pickle with the non-business aspect of living...
  16. djs13

    Is there a different mindset between B&M and e-biz entrepreneurs?

    I've been deliberating with this idea for a few months now but I haven't seen anyone mention it on the forums yet. Obviously there are many brick and mortar companies that are complimentary to their web site, but in terms of the start-up phase - do you think there's a difference between...
  17. djs13

    REAL ESTATE Making my first move in REI - help me choose!

    I'm going to be transferring from my local Community College to a State University that is about three hours away this January. I'm confused however how I should go about beginning my path in real estate. My initial idea was to purchase a multi-family house and rent the other units, but I...
  18. djs13

    Starting a Bank

    I stumbled upon this blog article by the guy who made Wordpress. I did a few searches but I couldn't find any information on this forum about starting a bank. Every state has its own regulations and it would certainly be a difficult start-up, but what do you think about the possibilities of...
  19. djs13

    OFF-TOPIC Running a Political Campaign

    One of my major goals other than to be financially free through entrepreneurship and investing is to be involved in government and public service later in my life. I'm hoping that by becoming wealthy through real estate I can allow myself to be free of a job so I am able to be actively involved...
  20. djs13

    REAL ESTATE Getting Started

    I've been experimenting with start-up businesses for a while and haven't been very successful, but now that I'm 18 I'm looking into real estate. I haven't purchased any properties yet, but I have been reading many books and I also joined my local real estate investment club. I've only been to...

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